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I wanted to quickly highlight a very important component of vSphere Data Protection Advanced 5.5 (VDPA 5.5) that I think is glossed over quite often. VDPA 5.5 is typically managed via the vSphere web client. What happens when vSphere is not accessible and you can't log into the client? Obviously there is a bigger problem, but what if things are being compounded and you need to fulfill a critical restoration during the time when you cannot access the web client? You can still use VDPA 5.5!


Here are some quick steps to highlight. Log into VDPA directly, via https://[IP ADDRESS]:8543/vdp-configure/. Here's an example:




As you can see you get the first 'Status' tab when you log into VDPA 5.5. Click over to the right on the 'Emergency Restore' tab:




I don't have any backups there yet, but as you can see you don't necessarily need access to the web client. Here you can perform restorations with out that dependence. In the screenshots, you might have noticed also my Data Domain Enterprise Manager console queued and ready to go. One other thing I'd like to point out is that with Data Domain integration configured, back ups are now completely separate from both a restoration and storage perspective. Here's a sneak peek at where the Data Domain is easily configured:




A few things to recap:

     VDPA 5.5 can still do restorations when you cannot access vSphere.

     VDPA 5.5 can still do restorations when you target your backups to a Data Domain appliance, and your primary storage is experiencing      issues. There are caveats, and I understand that if vSphere is not accessible and storage issues exist, then a restoration might be a      moot point. Then again, that's why its called an "Emergency Restoration" .