VSPEX is a partner driven solution that offers an architecture of both software and hardware for use in the datacenter:




One differentiating factor I’d like to focus on is leveraging EMC Powered Backup, as shown above. Many other vendors offering Reference Architecture Platform’s do not contain backup as part of the holistic solution. This post will be focusing on vSphere Data Protection Advanced 5.5 (VDPA 5.5) in regard to some of the features and capabilities offering when using VSPEX.

In December 2013, VSPEX now includes VDPA 5.5. Please note that vSphere 5.5 is also required. Here is an overview of how VPSEX works with VDPA 5.5 and also Data Domain (DD)!






A typical implementation of VDPA 5.5 with DD:




Here is that same implementation with VSPEX:







Note the level of Microsoft application integration with Sharepoint and Exchange: