Some good news from our friend and partner Xyleme.  Their XML-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) for EMC Documentum has been shortlisted for the 2009 E-Learning Awards in the category of "most innovative new product or tool in e-learning".


An LCMS is used to manage and publish the content used for training materials, both instructor-led and electronically delivered.  Many E-Learning implementations exist in a silo because the LCMS is not integrated with the rest of an organization's content resources.  Consequently, a lot of the content used in training needs to be duplicated and gets out of sync with its source.  The isolation means that content takes longer to develop and difficult to leverage and repurpose for different applications and delivery formats.  The redundancy also drives up translation costs.


The award nomination recognizes Xyleme's innovative approach to solving these problems by being both XML-based and by running on top of an Enterprise Content Management system, in this case Documentum.  The XML supports means that Xyleme can implement XML standards for E-Learning such as SCORM and Common Cartridge, and can also take advantage of other standards for developing reusable content, like DITA and S1000D.  XML further enables automated processing of content and repurposing across multiple formats.  Integrating the LCMS with an ECM system allows training professionals to effectively leverage content that is created and used in all parts of the organization, to ensure consistency and reduce the cost and speed of content development.  Xyleme makes use of the XML Store feature in Documentum, offering further flexibility by allowing the Learning content to be accessed with industry standard XQuery (the LCMS can also integrate directly to xDB, our standalone native XML database).


Customers that have implemented Xyleme LCMS for EMC Documentum have reported a 75% decrease in content development times.  Customers that offer training as a service are also discovering new revenue opportunities from customized courses and on demand publishing of course material, made possible by the solution's XML foundation.


Congratulations to Xyleme on the nomination.  We'll look forward to the results on November 12th.