Early in my career timeline of the mid 1990s, I was part of a department within a larger division of an even larger super division of a staggeringly larger multinational company. Oddly enough, that company no longer exists today.



"Have you seen my stapler?"


One memory of that company stays with me to this day. I reflect upon this memory when the nearly frictionless activity of "social sharing" takes place today.




Back in those days, the team of individual contributors I worked with would receive magazine articles that were ripped from the bindings and stapled together with a sign off sheet. The expectation was that you would read these magazine articles -- while avoiding the sharp staple -- and sign next to your name to indicate you had read for comprehension.


The next step was to pass along the article to the next person and so on and so forth until the entire sign off sheet was filled. Articles were kept in a wicker basket for easy sorting. This blog post will share two concepts: Maps and the Reverse Salient. If you like these two concepts, please sign your name in the comments section and share with a colleague.



"Get yourself a new map"


Perhaps you've heard a phrase or saying regarding "conscious choice" and "decisive action".

Perhaps, in the days before maps were built into your mobile phone you found yourself going somewhere and wondered why you didn't bring a map.

Set aside 20 minutes to watch this OSCON presentation on mapping embedded below. Don't worry. There are no ponytails, no neck beards, no flip flops... Just a solid introduction to mapping with a healthy dose of style and humor. The speaker, Simon Wardley, was a key advisor at CloudScaling which was acquired EMC and lives on as VxRack System with Neutrino Nodes.

source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ty6pOVEc3bA



Now, before you get too wrapped up in the deeper meaning and quest for creation of "a map" or "the map" just be mindful of the concept of a plurality of possible "maps".


source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgvyparsP0c



The Reverse Salient


Below is a link to an external long form blog post. Each time I think that blogs have reached their peak I come across a new post somewhere that stands out or makes me think differently. For the post below, three closely located lines stuck out for me:


source: http://reactionwheel.net/2015/10/the-deployment-age.html


  1. "Stop considering the technology a feature."
  2. "But if you use ICT in your product, it needs to be seamless."
  3. "Your users shouldn't need an instruction manual."


Granted, that last quote is always the true measure of any great design. Now, consider the reference to systems and the curiously persistent bulges in companies where traditional IT being transformed -- this is a timely thought exercise:

Articulate where you will be impactful and opinionated in driving IT towards the deployment age and overcoming the reverse salient... and creating a new map.