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Hi! I'm Jay Cuthrell.


Okay, the title is the last time I'll refer to myself in the third person.


You've perhaps seen me at events or seen my content in other places or on my public blog or Twitter, etc... and that's been great.


Now I'm hoping to be around these parts a bit more now in my new (slightly more formalized) role as Evangelist for strategic sales in Global Service Providers (SP) and Systems Integrators (SI). This is my sixth or seventh title within VCE but it's always been a part of my day to day duties. I'm still as passionate as ever about helping companies realize the dream of ubiquitous workload substrates in their datacenters: Vblock Infrastructure Platforms.


So what's new?


For 2012 (and frankly right now!) the following areas are where I'll focus for the Vblock ecosystem purchasing world of our customers:


  • VCE Strategic Accounts
  • VCE Executive Briefing Center (EBC), Cisco EBC, EMC EBC, VMware EBC, and VCE Technology Alliance Partner EBC
  • VCE Customer Advisory Board
  • Speaking and representing VCE for SP/SI events with VCE Marketing
  • Champion for SP/SI specific initiatives





Jay "that guy in VCE" Cuthrell




Jay Cuthrell - Evangelist and Lead Principal vArchitect

Systems Integrators and Service Provider Sales



Twitter: @qthrul Blog: