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Those familiar with NetWorker know that each NetWorker code tree gets patch released one month apart (approximately).  Currently we have following code trees:

  • 8.1SP3 with latest patch being (build 611)
  • 8.2SP3 with latest patch being (build 1165)
  • 9.0 with latest patches being (build 524)
  • 9.0SP1 with latest patches being (build 658)


Patches in released products are:


Ticket/Escalation/IDNW description
266747//regression : nsrwatch: segmentation error is thrown on relabeling of a device on AIX (garbled characters shown)
265927/26850/Correct regression introduced by Bug 239893 which is preventing VBA auxiliary save set files from being copied to destination DD during CCR cloning
267422//nsrwatch's Policy Info window could display information from the wrong nsrpolicy job
265382/26632/Tape positioning errors incorrectly reported as media emergencies
267273//nsrwatch crashes when trying to start a group without operator privileges
262881//Post migration from NW 8.2.1 to NW 8.2.4, the nsrjobd is not responding. Hence unable to perform backup/recover operations.
262651//A lot of "database is locked" messages output during "mmrecov"(or nsrmmdbasm -r) - customer issue noted in ESC 26485
262008//CID 36150: Out of bounds write: reported by coverity in lic_sid.c
262007//CID 50569: Logically dead code reported by coverity in nsr_rap.c
265171/26629/Fix from ESC 26185 does not revert savesets to not-recyclable permanently
Ticket/Escalation/IDNMC description
259061/26135/Starting GST: 89613:gstd: Unable to initialize SSL library: Unable to load FIPS 140-2 library from path '/usr/lib/nsr/lib64': Module not found
Ticket/Escalation/IDNMM description
265420//Log Tail backup doesn't happen through Winworker.
267609/26501/latest NMM of doesn't bring right list of volume in term of browsing time.
265931/26518/NMM Exchange backup generating critical/severe errors on dameon.raw: "Unable to route generic remote command record"
266120/26393/NSRSNAPAGENT connects to wrong protocol and port.
266286/27049/2014 MSSQL Availabilty Group backup fails if there are more than 250 Databases.


Patches for above mentioned modules can be found at:


And that's the memo.

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