Those familiar with NetWorker know that each NetWorker code tree gets patch released one month apart (approximately).  Currently we have following code trees:

  • 8.1SP3 with latest patch being (build 611)
  • 8.2SP3 with latest patch being (build 1159)
  • 9.0 with latest patches being (build 524)
  • 9.0SP1 with latest patches being (build 658)


Following patches (per product; eg NetWorker core, NMM, NMDA, NMSAP, NW Virtual Edition) are introduced in (unfortunately at the time of writing this both NMSAP and NMDA module patches are not there so I have no clue which patches are inside):


265228/26313/PSS recovery performance is very low when executed from server side (NMC) in contrast to client side recovery (Winworker)
264343/26181/Scanner dumps core for NFS mount AFTD on Solaris Sparc
264427/26824/savepnpc coredump during direct save setup
264448/26794/NMC Recover GUI does not pass environment variable "NDMP_RECOVER_LIMIT=1" to NDMP recovery
262651//A lot of "database is locked" messages output during "mmrecov"(or nsrmmdbasm -r) - customer issue noted in ESC 26485
265171/26629/Fix from ESC 26185 does not revert savesets to not-recyclable permanently
262175//lg_array_find (linear search) may not find an element in the Record_cache
261596//intermittent lg_array utest failure
263676//CID 13416: Resource leak in nsrcap.c
265427//BBB: Windows BMR recover is failing
265587//lg_snprintf() returns -1 on truncation on some platforms
265655/26589/networker can not accept host names that have number of characters above 46
257877/26079/nsrvmwsd process on NW Server crashes when refreshing policy on backup tab on vCenter web client
265988/36349/PPRP: Unable to list Snapable volumes in Networker 9.1 for PPRP file system
266060/26914/Report Details for NDMP clients reports 0 for both the "Size(MB)" and the "Number of Files"
266421//BBB: save core dump during mix mode backups
267273//nsrwatch crashes when trying to start a group without operator privileges
259043//Property help of the recover wizard does not display help information for PassPhrase
250446//NMC Console: Error handling of Hostname field and text of Error message needs improvement
260247//NMC lists both Filesystems from PP RP and RP only enabled CG's with PPRP workflow.
261161//No error validation happens when "max sessions" is taken less value then "Target Sessions"
262587//switching of workflow runs not working in the show details window
264997//NMC wizard for NSM clients, always resets the value for Mount Host
266153/26481/Override doesn't work for "full first sunday every quarter" in Policy Action Wizard advanced options
255349//Start option should not be enabled if the association is not done
250824//BBB RecoverUI:Redirected recover of savesets cloned to tape is not working
255889//NMC Wizard: Saveset query group creation doesn't take Leap year into consideration for Start & End Date
266971/27135/Legacy and new reports fail with error FATAL: Invalid value for parameter "TimeZone" "ART"
264154//[Hyper-V GLR] Mount point and hyper-v VHD mount point location appears to be empty in granular tab resulting in recovery failure
266014//NMM 8.2.3 and above to Support Cloud Boost device with nwfs.exe
259083//Hyper-v BBB backup fails if two VM have the same name but reports a wrong VM name in the logs
264504/26832/Select a Restore Pool' setting in SSMS Plug-in GUI not honored
262853/26061/Browsing Exchange in WinClient GUI is really slow


To get this patches, use following links: (at the time of writing this location was still not accessible) (at the time of writing this location was still not accessible)/