Those familiar with NetWorker know that each NetWorker code tree gets patch released one month apart (approximately).  Currently we have following code trees:

  • 8.1SP3 with latest patch being (build 580)
  • 8.2SP2 with latest patch being (build 985)
  • 8.2SP3 with latest patch being (build 1109)
  • 9.0 with latest patches being (build 497)


Now, good old custom of NetWorker engineering is that they place in public places only list of escalations fixed - not bug nor RFEs which sometimes end up in patch releases.  If you are partner, you should have release to full list.  For the rest of the world, only escalation fix list is available.


Here is the list for fixes:

256576//nsrmmdbd leaks memory in priv_ngc_fetchss_range().
255006//(REOPENED) Build Warning for Package NwDbUnloadMsi should not appear.
254947//NW savegrp fails to handle add job due to case sensitive comparison for client name.
254878/25721/No updates from jobd over the message bus when conversion error occur.
254786/25721/Duplicated session info records created for session updates with rm_jobid of 0.
254211//nsrpost command performs an invalid check to determine if it is time to run already.
253568//Concurrent probe action fails with error "No probes defined for action probe".
252810/24416/Scheduled NDMP cloning loops for 18 hours and hangs the system even though both source/destination clients are available.
252100//Probe action shows "successful" even with invalid probe script
250719//nsrfsra core on SuSE 12.
248784//PSS backups result in stale session information in NMC.
256489/26015/Cannot mark a saveset as recyclable in NMC: "Unable to start operation MDB_OP_CHANGE_SS_EXP" (CLI works).
255452//NMC Wizard: Java Nullpointer exception is thrown during creation of Saveset Query Group with Start time greater than End time.
254709//Restart window is 12 hours for Preconfigured Workflows in NetWorker
253796//NMDA: RUI save set shown as FS backup when the savesets are in the clone pool only.
253276//Multi-edit for start time does not update all relevant entries.
250556//Extended client Installed not displayed in the Client configuration wizard.
246854//Help Window is not launched when clicked on "?" in "Perform the Recovery" page of Recovery wizard.
245339//Port 242410: The size of NDMP save set spanning multiple tapes reported under successfully completed section under Group details in NMC Monitoring tab is incorrect.


To get this patch you should go to


NMM also got patch release and here is the list of fixes inside:

257227/26019//Port 247584: "AD backup completes successfully but on savegrp logs shows "Could not backup following objects" for some items"
255651//Config checker for exchange 2010/2013 is throwing NO_DSN_SUPPORT message.
251154/25550/NMM should fail SP Search backup when Search Service Topology file cannot be backed up.
250268/25390/Always-On Group backups from secondary node fail if file location is not same on both nodes.
246601//NMM Backup fails with savefs error when UAC enabled.
245352/24949/SQL backups with input file store the saveset entries in media database with the first DB name in the input file.
232242/21925/NW161004REOPENED. The list of required volumes in NMM does not show all the volumes which are later on requested for restore.


To download this patch head to


And that's the memo.