Those familiar with NetWorker know that each NetWorker code tree gets patch released one month apart (approximately).  Currently we have following code trees:

  • 8.1SP3 with latest patch being (build 580)
  • 8.2SP2 with latest patch being (build 985)
  • 8.2SP3 with latest patch being (build 1109)
  • 9.0 with latest patches being (build 488)


Now, good old custom of NetWorker engineering is that they place in public places only list of escalations fixed - not bug nor RFEs which sometimes end up in patch releases.  If you are partner, you should have release to full list.  For the rest of the world, only escalation fix list is available.


Here is the list for fixes:


8.2.3 mmrecov not recovering MM (bootstrap not backing up mm).  Sounds a bit scary.  Interesting enough this is not present on HPUX ia64.  If you hit this you will see error like: mmrecov: "media type" 'volume' not in media index


The reason for this is simple.  NetWorker 8.2.3 Server included a new media database with a new path location:





The media database path in earlier NetWorker versions was:





The NetWorker 8.2.3 Server Bootstrap backup operation still points to the previous path. As a result, the media database may not be backed up in the NetWorker Bootstrap Save Set (I guess that explains HPUX part which probably doesn't use new mdb).

256507/26070/nsrmmdbd.exe process is crashing after upgrade to Networker 8.2.3
256203/26054/nsradmin - append command not working
255700/25533/nsrim still does not delete the expired save set on ALL ddboost devices even after applying 185055 fix.
255690/26002/cloning issues with DDOS leads to NW server hang
254947//NW savegrp fails to handle add job due to case sensitive comparison for client name
254786/25721/duplicated session info records created for session updates with rm_jobid of 0
254065//nsrwatch does not report sufficient cloning information
253998//Policy fails when spawned through nsrworkflow
253919//Load related DFA messages during backup - "Unable to setup direct save with server..."
252810/24416/scheduled NDMP cloning loops for 18 hours and hangs the system even though both source/destination clients are available
252100//Probe action shows "successful" even with invalid probe script
251989//GUI NMC Session windows Showing >100% after clone completion
250719//nsrfsra core on SuSE 12
256029//Remove next button logic for 8.2.3
170643//NW149616NWC Configuration wizard for NMM, snapshot policy default setting should be "Serverless"


I'm slightly confused why 253998 is listed here since nsrworkflow is part of NW9 and not NW8 (at least not at present).  Anyway, to get this patch you should go to


NMM also got patch release and here is the list of fixes inside:

255423/25957/GLR does not work, unless the user is a member of 'Organization Management'
232242/21925/NW161004The list of required volumes in NMM does not show all the volumes which are later on requested for restore


To download this patch head to


And that's the memo.