With arrival of NetWorker 8.2SP3 (see NetWorker 8.2 SP3 released) I could not wait not to test it.  First thing I went to check was nsrwatch.  nsrwatch is changed now, has more capabilities and you can also set (predefine) window you wish to see each time you run it.  All cool stuff for us who love CLI.


So, on less important server I did upgrade from to 8.2SP3.  By running nsrwatch I got:


Errr... what is that?  It is obvious that translation of the lines didn't work out.  Since this worked just fine with every previous release my instant thought was - this is NetWorker's fault.  After all, I only changed NetWorker.  Well, not so fast.


My first surprise came when co-worker of mine showed me he had no issues.  He used NetSarang XShell which is perfect and probably the best ssh package I have ever seen, but I do not have it on my company laptop.  I use combination of mRemoteNG with putty running beneath (for the sake of SSH key management).  At that point I suspected something specific to my profile.


I checked usual suspects (like locale) and it all looks fine:


In putty, this kind of control you find in translation settings.  This is what I use:


This is pretty much default.  Let me assure you I have tried every possible combination here (in respect to UTF-8) and none of them worked for me.  As it worked fine for XShell, I went to test it with the closest alternative to Putty - called Kitty.  Kitty is written in a way that it bypasses some silly stuff seen in Putty.  And it turns out one of the things is ACS translation in UTF.  Kitty has following:


It is similar to Putty - except it has extra setting - Allow ACS line drawing in UTF.  Once this is checked, it works just fine:


So, with this "fixed" now we know where the problem is.  According to people who already had this before (eg. see linux - Making 256-color AND Line drawing characters both work in PuTTY), we learn that:

The problem is that PuTTY in UTF-8 mode ignores VT100 "Alternate character set" commands, and ncurses attempts to use the "graphical" character set for drawing the GUI.

We also learn there is quick fix there if you set following variable on the box where you run nsrwatch:


I can confirm above worked just fine with putty and I was able to see the lines as I would normally expect.