Those familiar with NetWorker know that each NetWorker code tree gets patch released one month apart (approximately).  Currently we have following code trees:

  • 8.0SP4 with latest patch being (build 475)
  • 8.1SP3 with latest patch being (build 553)
  • 8.2SP1 with latest patch being (build 821)
  • 8.2SP2 with latest patch now being (build 946)
  • 9.0 with latest patches being (build 407) - still DA


Now, good old custom of NetWorker engineering is that they place in public places only list of escalations fixed - not bug nor RFEs which sometimes end up in patch releases.  If you are partner, you should have release to full list.  For the rest of the world, only escalation fix list is available.


Here is the official fix list for NetWorker (some things seem to be module related, but so far I didn't see module releases for this build - at least not public):


243809//NetWorker fails to install on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan
242999/24539/nsrjobd emits excessive error messages: 'parent job not found'.
242410/24406/The size of NDMP save set spanning multiple tapes reported under successfully completed section under Group details in NMC Monitoring tab is incorrect.
237378/23832,23922/nsrexecd killing nsrdasv by SIGKILL causes Domino server crash.
230290/22423/NW161786jobquery group detail output is incorrect; results in bad data in NMC.
188125//Change Journal needs to be short circuited from the code
244692/24810/RAP log logging still not working for NMC changes with v8.2.2.0.
243716/24756/After the upgrade to NW, NMC no longer shows the Clone Start Time under "Show Clone History".
244386/24583/Multiple issues with domino disaster recovery: Performance is slow when restoring over 2.5 million DAOS nlo files.
244898/24895/NMM SQL AG "preferred secondary" backup mode not working with secondary node powered off.
244190/24764/SQL Log marks created in non-english locale are not converted to nsrgetdate format and cause the restore to fail.
243027/24191/Exchange GLR restore failing with exception caught in StartREstoreHandler RunREstoreProgram: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


This fix can be downloaded from:


EDIT: On 2nd December EMC finally posted NMM as well:


And that's the memo.