Apart from patches for NetWorker (that would be Z in W.X.Y.Z), NetWorker engineering will release service packs (that is Y is W.Z.Y.Z). While patches are released on ftp, these service packs are released on support site and are downloadable from https://support.emc.com/products/1095_NetWorker. Also, their patch list is contained within release notes.  In this case, 8.1SP3 translates to and key question every serious backup admin may ask is if this is right version for them.  For example, recently was released suddenly; what is better - or  To get an idea, we need to compare fixes inside already released versions and you must make up your mind.  Obviously, new SP is built at certain point in time and most likely does not contain all patches as might, but it also may contain new features or RFEs or fixes you might be interested in.  So, to cut down the story, here is the list of patches along with list where mentioned fix has been seen elsewhere.


Note: You will noticed that some fixes are module related.  That is true as EMC also released NMM build 395 (check other modules too).


IDDescriptionFixed also in
229452NDMP Single file restores are recovering the entire root ( / ) filesystem8.2.1.2
227375Incremental block based backups cause synth_fulls which run out of connection ports

226873Reduce name resolving so that it is only used when explicitly neededNA
225294Savepnpc commands with level skip hangs backup

224367Fixes nsrexecd log message for auditlog in scenario where server is renamed, and "server network interface" was setNA
224265DB2 suspend time takes too long (more than 140 seconds) under AIX LVM architecture (Double disk size)NA
223984Unable to set extended attribute "security.selinux", Operation not permitted

223829Networker server hangs after stopping nsrexecd (nsrsnmd) on remote storage node

223513Jobquery cores during DPA 6.1 data collection with NetWorker

223253Performance issue occurs during SQL restore when bringing up the properties of a database and changing the browse time.NA
223175Nsrd/nsrmmdbd dead-lock during relabel

222890Avamar does not delete all save sets even though nsravamar.raw shows them as deleted

206724Expired cleaning tape (0 uses left) is being used for cleaning

206664Each time a backup starts for a UNIX/Linux client, NetWorker queries LDAP for root account

206089Some of the recovery options cannot be chosen in the NMC Recovery wizardNA
205743Nsrvadp_recover crashes for the libasm.dll on proxy host

205347Granular level restore stops on a MAPI error: Unable to query MAPI interfaceNA
204598Nsrstage extends clretent unexpectedly

204353Nsrd cores frequently

204237DDBoost devices silently unmount and then report "Expected volume 'volname.volname', found volname <name>" error8.2.0.4
204234NMC Recovery wizard returns a blank error box when trying to list volumes for recovery that are offlineNA
204138Auto inventory of HP MSL libraries does not work8.1.2.2
204012Save set "all-zfs" does not perform virtual synthetic full backups

203703Increase group name length from 32 characters to 64 charactersNA
203419Local user loses privilege after configuring external authenticationNA
203401VADP CBT incremental backup fails when Czech filename is encountered

202951RedHat Linux on server reboot does not run NetWorker shutdown scripts

202057DB2 suspend time takes too long to complete under AIX LVM architectureNA
201604Replace calls to logit function in libblockbased.cpp with NetWorker loggingNA
201422Nsrvadp_recover cannot recover full VM: Error writing to VMDK: 0 bytes written instead of n bytes

201035Directed nsrretrieve from another host requires NSR resource administrator attribute privileges8.2.0.3
200849Nsrarchive does not produce log/notification output8.2.0.2
200652Skips of scheduled clone jobs show as interrupted in NMC after upgrading

200611Block based backup recovery from NMC Recovery wizard fails with error "Unable to mount the save-set ID 'SSID' for recovery"

200606Nsrsnmd.exe application error on Windows, most occurrences in cloning and staging

200016Nsrd NSR critical unable to update the volume cache

199954Data loss 0kb files on DDBoost device

199824Lockboxes are not availables with every failover on Linux server cluster8.2.0.2
199061NMC does not display the 'enabled/disabled' field correctly after upgrading

198837Nsrmmd core dumps during regular backupsNA
198650Block based backup recovery in NMC not working while part of files are deleted in a directory8.2.0.2
198242Inconsistency in used space reported in NMC, mminfo and Disk manager for AFTD device

198227Data Domain devices get unmounted during savegrp execution

198160Auditlog: Connection limit reached on the Server Host due to Server holding connections to ClientsNA
197619DDBDA module crashes DB2 when backing up 1000 table spacesNA
197598Nsrclone command does not assign correct values to ssid's when -m, -w and -y flags specified from the command line

197595NetWorker server is unresponsive when AFTD devices pass full threshold8.2.0.2
197522Networker client agent install on Linux using --relocate not working8.2.0.3
197358NetWorker does not recover older save sets that were backed up using a NetWorker 7.6.x release

197037Recovery of CIFS save sets from the NMC Recovery wizard fails with error "not in index"NA
196900Script nw_redhat directs logs to /usr/sbinNA
196147Nsrsgrpcomp does not work with virtual server name

194591With Dynamic MMDs enabled, NSRD assigns NSRMMDs while they are being shut down, causing backup and cloning failures8.2.0.2
193944Nsrdr does not show appropriate error during disaster recovery when the NetWorker software is installed in a different location

193421Savegroup completion report of an all successful restart job incorrectly reports a number of clients as failed8.2.0.2
192088Various transient commands will unnecessarily lock the resdb for extended periods of time

192086Recovery fails with Block size errors

190583Snmd will not come up on slow systems due to insufficient snmd poll timeout

189545Unable to exclude the scsi path when scanning for devices

187852Nsrd hangs up to 1 minute waiting for nsrjobd call send_ssninfo_to_jobd hostname:bkpsrva0

187791Nsrscsi_save fails consistently with invalid raw device path if PowerPath is not configuredNA
185055Allow Space Recovery on a disk device (Boost) while other operations (cloning, recovery,and so on) are in progressNA
181288Provide ability to dump GSS Auth cacheNA
177322Block NMM Client push upgrades on machine with GLR feature installedNA
174929Reduce name resolving to use only when explicitly neededNA
171176 Package nsrpost.exe with Windows client packageNA
161877Replace calls to logit function in libblockbased.cpp with NetWorker loggingNA
132227Improve save behavior when client network connection lostNA


In creating table above I was limited in what EMC publishes officially so list might be longer (surely is) and my crosscheck might also not be completed, but this is the best as it gets.  While official documentation claims no new features, you can clearly see that few bottom ones are RFEs.  If I had to pick, most interesting item on list 185055 which I view in respect to behavior when nsrim runs.


For those interested, build number of this release is 504.