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Net Promoter Score (NPS), developed by Satmetrix Systems Inc., is a method of measuring and acting on customer loyalty. It goes beyond a company’s product and services to evaluate a customer’s total experience. This includes characteristics such as the interactions between customers and employees, the frequency and quality of communications, the effectiveness of business process flows, and the confidence management can project upon the industry, just to name a few.


EMC has tripled its NPS score since 2011 to position itself on the leader board in its industry. As EMC has a longstanding reputation for product and service quality, it is in the non-product/services areas that customer perceptions have improved so remarkably in the past four years.


Like any company, EMC continually strives to improve its customer processes and deliverables.  However, EMC’s business processes have always been strong. The difference between EMC’s NPS score of 2011 and today is a result of EMC’s attention to external and internal messaging regarding its processes and its emphasis on customer experience.


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The campaign to improve customer perceptions includes the branding of EMC Total Customer Experience (TCE) program. Websites and other collateral promote customer experience as a primary strategy of the company. The TCE organization has even produced an “Annual Report” available to all customers both online and in hard copy. Click on the image to the right to view EMC’s 2014 TCE Annual Report.


However, external marketing is only partially effective in getting out the message of EMC’s dedication to its customers. Internal marketing to the company’s 70,000 employees creates ambassadors of EMC’s CX brand that leverage each customer interaction and touch point. The combination of external and internal marketing has increased awareness of EMC’s dedication to customer experience and has translated into higher NPS scores.


As with any successful marketing effort, EMC’s internal messaging requires continuous reinforcement of the brand to the employees. Internal initiatives such as “We Make It Real!”, “Aspire, Partner, Deliver”, and “You Define” reminds employees of their critical role in the customer experience process. The company has gamified the messaging through fun activities such as photo contents and other interactive events.


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An effective way that EMC messages the company’s CX brand is Customer Experience (CX) Day. CX Day, an annual event to be held on October 6th 2015, is an international celebration organized by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) focused on promoting customer commitment. Last year, companies who value CX organized workshops, seminars, socials, and engaged with customers to promote and celebrate customer experience. You can read about some of these events on the CX Day “Celebrations” web page. EMC held events in multiple global locations towards the goal of recognizing accomplishments and encouraging employees to ensure that customer interactions are meaningful. By leveraging this well publicized, global event with EMC specific branding and focus, maximum awareness is achieved both externally and internally.


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Celebrating CX Day provides EMC the opportunity to:


  1. Demonstrate and reinforce the company’s commitment to customers;
  2. Increase internal brand awareness and encourage employees to engage in the CX process; and
  3. Recognize customers and employees who have contributed to improving the customer experience.


Marketing your company’s CX strategy and commitment to both customers and employees is a powerful way to establish your reputation in the field of customer experience. Join the celebration of CX Day this October 6th!



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Total Customer Experience

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