I started a 4 part series of blog entries on EMC IT's blog site.  The first one is all about how running Oracle on virtual infrastructure will save tons of money from power and cooling through to software licenses as well as the costs associated with productivity.  You can read it here:  Running Oracle on Virtual Infrastructure Really Pays Off: Save Big on Capital, Operating and License Costs


In part 2, of the series I detail where we started, likely a familiar story, and where we are today.  I have also detailed the methodology and testing that I used to formulate and verify the best practices.  The 3rd post will detail how, what and why of the parameters that need to configured, from a virtual machine perspective, to achive maximum performance for an Oracle database.  The 4th post will detail the configuration of the virtual IO layer to achive minimal IO latency and I will tie it all off with how to balance these configurations to achive a balance between maximum performance and maximum effeciency.