How can a monitoring tool bring value to any organization? Why is it, in fact, essential for any IT organization? And do IT organizations need to invest in monitoring to see the value prop?


This blog provides an overview of how organizations benefit from monitoring. Later in the blog, you will get to know about the Live Optics free online software that Dell EMC introduced in 2017 and the value proposition that this monitoring software brings to your organization.


Traditional Monitoring Challenges


Traditionally, infrastructure was managed and monitored by IT engineers who would log in to each device or server and check the disk space, memory, processor, network gears, and so on. This required a lot of manual effort and time to identify the issues. It was difficult for IT engineers to proactively predict the issues, and so their efforts were typically reactive.  Later, due to the rapid changes and evolution of technologies, consolidated monitoring tools were introduced to help IT administrators analyze the environment, foresee threats, detect anomalies, and provide end-to-end dashboard reports of the environment.


Today’s digital transformation has triggered a growth in the number of products, resources, and technologies. The challenge for organizations is investing budget and time into monitoring solutions that can enable greater efficiencies on premises, in the public cloud, or in a blended hybrid environment. The goal is to move away from the traditional labor-intensive monitoring that uses scripts and relies on knowledge experts to automated monitoring that enables IT engineers to focus more on innovation.


Modern Monitoring Tool Benefits


The benefits of monitoring and how it plays a major role in your organizational growth:

  • Never miss a beat: Helps to prevent and reduce downtime and business losses by actively monitoring the heartbeat of the server’s IT infrastructure
  • Faster alerts: Identifies business interruptions and actively monitors and alerts via email, mobile calls, text, and instant messages
  • Comprehensive view: Helps to resolve uncertainty and provides understanding on how end-to-end infrastructure and its applications work and perform
  • Insights: Recommends upgrades, identifies architectural or technical hiccups, and tracks the smooth transitions (technology upgrades, migrations, and third-party integrations)
  • Budgeting and planning: Enables the IT organization to develop a plan for future projects and costs
  • Protecting against threats: Helps to detect early threats or problems to mitigate risks
  • Analytics: Incorporates analytics and machine learning techniques to analyze live data and to bring about greater improvements in productivity and performance
  • Rich dashboard reporting: Powers BI integration and capturing of consolidated dashboard reports for management leads

In a monitoring context, artificial intelligence plays a major role by proactively tuning or fixing issues—by sending notifications to the appropriate team or individual, or even automatically creating a ticket in a service desk and assigning it to a queue.


Dell EMC Live Optics


We live in a world of constantly changing products. New features are added, competitive features are enhanced, new alternatives are introduced, and prices are changed. To address these changes, Dell EMC offers Live Optics, free online software that helps you to collect, visualize, and share data about your IT environment and workloads.  Live Optics is an agentless monitoring tool that you can set up in minutes.

Live Optics.PNG.png

Eliminate overspending and speed decision-making in your IT environment. Live Optics captures performance, software, OS distribution, and VM data for time frames ranging from a few hours to one week. Live Optics lets you share IT performance and workload data characteristics securely and anonymously. You can collaborate with peers, vendors, or channel partners without compromising security. With Live Optics, you can even model project requirements to gain a deeper knowledge of workloads and their resource requirements.


What is the customer value proposition? Live Optics brings together customer intelligence, competitive insight, and product valuation. Here are ways in which Dell EMC Live Optics can bring value to any IT organization:


Host Optics:

  • Software for data collection—platform and hardware agnostic; physical or virtual
  • Support for all major operating systems and virtualization platforms
  • Quite often, all the information you need to make a recommendation


Workload or File Optics:

  • Intense workload-specific assessments for diagnostic issues
  • Rapid file characterization of unstructured data
  • Data archival candidacy
  • Data compression estimates using proprietary algorithms


Hardware Optics:

  • Performance and configuration retrieved on supported platforms via API and/or file processing
  • Custom options for support of proprietary, OEM-specific APIs


Please reach out to our Live Optics support team at for assistance. We can help in the following ways:

  • Consultation
  • Deployment
  • Adoption
  • Support
  • Optimization


One of my favorite idioms is "Health is wealth." In the same way, the wealth of an IT environment is measured by the health of an organization’s IT infrastructure.


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