I'm writing this while enjoying the bright spring sunshine of a new day. It's rather fitting as we usher in the formal announcement of the new Dell EMC Elect program membership. With the merger of Dell and EMC came broad sweeping changes in some of the programs that have become a bit of an institution for me. Not all change is bad though, and from the "ashes" of the EMC Elect program and the Dell Tech Center Rockstar program rises a new group of individual contributors who are recognized for their efforts to share their knowledge and enthusiasm far and wide.


Many of the names on the roster are familiar to those who have followed the EMC Elect and many more come to us from the Dell's former equivalent program. And happily there are some new names and faces on the list as well. I'm especially proud to personally congratulate one of those new members. If you spend any time in the ViPR SRM community on DECN you may recognize Vaishak Nair. I'm proud to welcome another member from Canada and even more so as we are co-workers.


Without further delay here is a link to the official announcement and the list of Dell EMC Elect for 2017. Please join me in welcoming them to an exciting year to come.


Who are the Dell EMC Elect of 2017?


Update - I just wanted to include a quick link to a post by one of my fellow Founders - Victor Forde - who details the selection criteria and poses a bit of a challenge to those who didn't make the list this year.