I thought I would just jot down a quick update with EMC World 2013 just around the corner. Less than a month to go and I've got my schedule pretty much worked out, although past experience has taught me that this will be a fluid schedule and I will need to be flexible and go with the flow. For the most part though I know what I'm looking for this year above and beyond the usual things that EMC World provides.


The first thing I'm hoping to dig into a bit deeper this year is VPLEX and its interactions with the existing arrays in our environment. We haven't gone heavy on Storage Virtualization (outside the arrays) yet and there hasn't been a strong use case for a platform like VPLEX. I'm starting to sense a shift that may require more focus on this class of product and I want to better understand what it brings to the table and the appropriate use cases as well as get a feel for the "gotchas" that will definitely catch the uninformed if they charge in blind. There are a few sessions that go from introduction to a more in depth look at VPLEXthat Im' hoping to capitalize on.


The next "new" area of interest for me is the Software Defined Data Center. This has been percolating for a while, but still hasn't come to the forefront with enough clarity to make understanding this concept easy. Some of the components that make up SDDC have been around for a while and make perfect sense, but having it all together in one bigger scale concept is still new to me and I want to wrap my head around it at that big picture level. I have several sessions scoped out to help with this.

Brocade will be talking about their new hardware platforms, and hopefully the next version of Brocade Network Advisor as well. The few things I have seen so far all point to this being some interesting stuff. Despite the talk of converged networks and all kinds of IP based solutions, the core of my experience is in the Fibre Channel world and every advance on these platforms is near and dear to my heart.


So, those are the key NEW topics I'm hoping to dig into this year. On top of that are existing topics that I want to get more info on: FAST VP (VNX & Symm), the future of VNX & Symm platforms, UniSphere, ProSphere/SRM Suite, PowerPath, and a whole slew of other products to boot. That on top of the face to face interactions with Engineers, Product Managers, and peers from around the world... all together offering an unparalleled opportunity to "see the future" and even more importantly "see the present in new ways".


As usual I'll be blogging live from EMC World with the most important info that I dig up, followed by a roll up that will go into some of the topics in more detail once I have time to put it all in order. Until then, for those interested, don't forget about the upcoming Ask The Expert session starting in 6 days with RRR, Dynamox, and me. We will be focusing on FC Routing for Brocade and Cisco environments.