Well, maybe the US Presidential elections are over for another 4 years, but there is an even more important election just around the corner... and this time it isn't just the US that gets to vote!


This morning EMC announced a new recognition program called EMC Elect. This program provides community driven recognition to individuals who have demonstrated the highest levels of commitment to thought leadership in the fields of data center management, cloud computing, and big data. The scope of this award is unprecedented within EMC. Earlier programs like EMC Community Expert and the Support Forums MVP Awards


have had a significantly smaller focus and have been driven and supported purely by the Support organization. This new program spans all technologies and business areas within EMC and has buyin from the highest levels of management within each area. It's been a long time in coming, but starting TODAY it's here! 



So, what is the EMC Elect Program? You can go directly to the new EMC Elect Community on the EMC Community Network (ECN) to read the official charter: http://emc.im/RWbRKF. That is in the public space that will contain general information about the program. There will be a private space "behind" that just for the EMC Elect members. If you don't want to go there just yet, here is a quick overview of the program.


  • At its simplest the EMC Elect program will recognize individuals (not companies) who have contributed through some social media channel (anything from Twitter & Google+ to ECN and blogs) with some form of technical support, leadership, content or non-technical analysis, direction, etc relating to products and technologies that fall within the domain of EMC. I'm sure that is far from a perfect paraphrase, but when you want the exact wording, you've gopt the link to the charter 
  • The award and benefits will be annual, based on the previous years contributions. Renewal will not be automatic 
  • The benefits include many exclusive opportunities for both technical and non-technical interaction with EMC. These range from early Beta opportunities to VIP treatment at "tier 1 event" (i.e. EMC World). Other benefits may include exclusive chances to interact with EMC Education teams regarding content directions, or even discounts on training. The exact benefit package is still to be defined and will likely change and evolve over the years, but will clearly include a mix of direct technical opportunities as well as increased influence (and visibility) roadmaps and directions 
  • EMC Elect members will be selected from nominations received over a 1 month period. In this case nominations start TODAY (November 15th, 2012) and close on December 15, 2012. Nominations can come from peers. Self-nomination is an option. Also, if you are aware of someone who you believe should be nominated but you don't actually know them, you can provide what information you have on the nomination form and the program coordinators will do their best to contact that person for the rest of the details. The nomination form can be found at: http://emc.im/SHmsYV 
  • Actual selection of the EMC Elect members from the nominations will be handled by a panel of judges selected from the previous years EMC Elect members. Judging for the first annual EMC Elect program will be handled by a panel of judges made up of the EMC Elect Founders 
  • EMC Elect nominations are open to everyone (over the age of 18) from customers and partners to EMC employees. Awards are to individuals NOT companies


I don't think there is a whole lot more to say on this right now beside reiterating that it is a great opportunity for a (s)Elect Community of contributors to come together and increase the influence they have both internally (in EMC) and externally (in social media)... not to mention gather up some cool benefits along the way!


I'll put the links here again for easy of access:



We are hoping to generate lots of nominations early on in this next month to help prove the all the supporting divisions of EMC that there is strong community support for this program. The goal is to reach at least 100 nominations in the first 24 hours from launch (08:00 EST Thursday November 15th, 2012). Please take some time to nominate anyone you feel is deserving - including yourself if you feel you've got what it takes.


Make sure you check out the official Launch Page and the ECN Community for the official details. If you see something there that contradicts what I've written here then please take the official EMC information as correct. If you have questions there will be conversation threads open in the ECN Community to discuss what this means and any details that are not yet clear.