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VNX5100 can not delete LUN


Hello there


My company dont use the VNX5100 anymore so they gave it to me for taking it home so i can use it in private.
I set up everything and it works fine, i can connect with EMC Unisphere but i cant delete the Storage Pools and the LUNs.


In Storage -> Storage Pools there are 3 Pools with all the Disks (45, VNX and 2 DAEs). Every Pool has private LUNs.
I then right click on one of the LUN in Pool 1 and hit delete. It show Success! but the LUN is stil there. If i want to delete it again, it sais LUN 12 - Invalid  LUN object.

If i turn off the VNX and back on, i can delet the LUNs again with Success, but again, they stay there.


It seems there is no Factory wipe or unitialize the whole System. There are no Data on the VNX so i can do what i want with it.
I found CLI comands for deleting Pools, but not for LUNs. The Pools are in Offline state.


Can somebody help me? Thanks

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    IF a pool is offline then you cannot delete a LUN

    you need to fix or delete the pool first - which may not be possible without EMC support help


    Do not try to re-init or wipe - most likely you will not be able to do that sucessfully - it is not a customer procedure

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    Hello Rainer_EMC


    Well i called the support and they sent me an offer to do this. They want 3500.- (Swissfrancs) from me to do this.. This is insane!
    As i said i'm using the storage in private now, so paying 3500.- for just someone to delete 3 pools (which even dont have data on it) is absolute BS sorry.

    So Dell is going to tell me: Pay 3500.- or trash your hardware?!!!

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    Well, no one works for free...


    From your description, I was wondering if you had perhaps cabled it up in a different manner from when it was in use.  The pools being offline makes me think that the physical arrangement isn't correct.  Is that plausible?


    ...just a thought...

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    OFC nobody does, but deleting some LUNs with the right knowledge will take some minutes (infact that nobody has to care about data loss makes it even easier). I'd even pay someone maybe 300.- if he/she could do this for me. A short remote session, maybe 30mins and everybody is happy. But 3500.-.....


    No should not, i made photos from everything and then i cabled it up as its written in the installation guide. The Numbers on the DAEs are correct, i read somewhere that if not, they would display not a number instead.

    But if it would be the case, and thats the reason why the pools went offline, whats the solution to this?



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    the problem is NOT the LUN deletion


    its that the pools seem to be corrupted.

    recovery from that can require service help.


    How it got there I can only speculate.

    pools dont go offline without a reason - wrong cabling, disks that werent inserted when booting after transport, too many failed disks, ...


    If you cant get your pools deleted and dont want to pay customer service then I think your only other chance is if you can find a friendly customer service guy in Switzerland who helps you in his off-duty time for a beer or two.


    With Unity this would be much easier since a system re-image is a customer operation that you can even do from the GUI - with older VNX it is not


    Even on VNX a lot is doable - but not always from the GUI.

    You would have to take the time and patience to work through documentation, knowledgebase, Solve, ...

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    Private LUNs are normally not deleted, they are used for other functions. See if you can determine what the private LUNs are used for - they may be snaps or something like that. Make sure you don't have any hosts still listed in the storage groups - remove all hosts from the storage groups and then remove any host initiators that may be listed. Private LUNs may also be Reserve LUNs - check to see if you have Reserve LUNs configured. Also check for any other application that may still be configured - like mirrors, snaps, SanCopy, etc.