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License needed für CCR


Hi folks,


I have a costumer who is currently on NetWorker 9.1. They are using the traditional license model.


They also have three DataDomains. The DD replication feature is not licensed.


Is it possible to configure CCR within NetWorker or is a special license needed for that?


At the moment they just backup to all DD without any replication or cloning.




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    If you want to replicate data between the Data Domains, you need the DD REPLICATION license.   This is a Data Domain license, not NetWorker license.  Without this license, replication cannot be performed between the DDs.

    "The clone-controlled replication (CCR) or “optimized clone” operation is typically used to replicate data from a DD Boost device to another DD Boost device at a different location. This operation preserves the deduplicated data format and minimizes bandwidth usage between the Data Domain systems."

    http://nsrd.info/documentation/nw8/NetWorker%20v8%20Data%20Domain%20Deduplication%20Devices%20Integration%20Guide.pdf , Page 17.

    In other words, during cloning, the saveset being cloned is replicated in deduped format and sent directly from DD to DD.

    Conversely, without replication license, the saveset being cloned:

    1. has to be hydrated back to the original non-deduped format
    2. The data is then sent back to the NetWorker storage node that is used for reading
    3. The saveset is then sent to the NetWorker storage node responsible for writing to the target ddboost device.  Here, the saveset is then deduped again.
    4. The deduped data is then sent to the target Data Domain to be stored

    NetWorker is responsible to initiating and processing the cloning request.. hence Cloned Controlled.  The cloning will happen regardless of whether replication is enabled or not.  But without replication enabled on the DD, the actual cloning process is much more complex than if replication is enabled, and will also take longer time.

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    Thank you very much!

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    Just to get this straight in my head:


    I configure CCR or a cloning job in NetWorker. NetWorker does not care if a DD replication license is installed or not.


    The actual cloning is than done the quick or the long way depending if the DD replication license is present or not.


    But in NetWorker the configuration is always the same?




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    That is correct