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Registry validation failed on upgrade precheck


I run the Data Domain Virtual Edition integrated with Veeam using Boost.  My DD-VE was originally deployed as, later upgraded to, and then which is where it's currently.  I'm trying to upgrade and have downloaded the various DDOS RPMs from to  With two different ones (including when I do the upgrade precheck it fails with "Registry validation failed" and a note to contact support for help.  Since this is the free version of DD-VE I'm not sure if I can open a ticket so I thought I'd post here.  The only thing I've found online is references to the registry on the DD if CIFS is enabled.  While I use Boost, at one point I enabled CIFS to do a test so I've gone ahead and disabled it and disabled AD authentication completely but that hasn't fixed anything.


Has anyone ever seen this?  Any suggestions?