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Factory reset VNX array


I have a VNX array I need to reset to factory default.

Anyone know how to do that?

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    Thanks, but the post you directed me to requires us to get support for the array. That would cost more than the array cost us in the first place, and is not something we can afford.

    I just need the commands to force drop the pool or reset the array.

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    Having no idea if this would work I'll ask this:


    What happens if you shut the array down, unseat all but the four vault disks, and power it back up?


    I am thinking that it would initially look very broken, but at that point you might be able to delete the LUNs, pools, etc.


    The closest thing to this that I've actually done is remove DAEs from a running system.  In that case there were no bound disks involved, but rebooting the SPs one at a time actually did return the array to a healthy state.


    You seem to be in a position that requires you to play with off-maintenance arrays quite a bit...

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    Ill give this a try. Our issue is that the array just cost a few hundred dollars to begin with, making any support not cost effective. It's almost cheaper to scrap the array and buy another one rather than buy support.

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    No luck, still faulted pool, cannot drop.

    There must be a way, does anyone know how to force drop a empty pool?

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    There is no simple method to fix a broken Pool - it generally requires either an engagement with our engineering department or a re-image of the array. Each of these are not simple and involve running internal processes by someone that has that experience (I don't have that experience).