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Extracting .ttp files from VMAX2 arrays




i'm kind of new to Performance in VMAX.

i have been asked by a customer to extract performance data from VMAX arrays in the form of TTP files.

i have been searching everywhere in the server where Unisphere is installed and found nothing.

from what i read on the internet, TTP files cover a time range of 24 hours.


i can extract something close to it in the form of BTP files, but BTP reports only cover a time range of 4 hours.

That means that i need to create 6 reports for every 24 hours, and for 3 days that's 18 reports to make - not fun.


From what i understand, TTP files are kept in the Service Processor (?).

is that true?

do we need to enable something for data to get into TTP files?


Thank you!



Update 18Dec2017:

Jason was very helpful!

.ttp files do reside on the SP but the customer has no access to the SP.

as i am a resident in the customer site on behalf of Dell-EMC, i was instructed by Jason that i can get into the SP via ESRS.

Thank you Jason for all your help!!

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    What is your goal here?

    You have access to the array performance data via Unisphere performance, so how is the .ttp data important to you?

    Unisphere performance reports can cover multiple days and the graphs can be exported to .CSV. Could this be the solution for you?

    True, the VMAX 2 SP contains performance files, but there is no customer access to the SP.

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    Thank you for your reply!


    my apologies, i forgot to mention that i'm a resident at a customer site on behalf of Dell-EMC.


    i am asked to provide the .ttp information as a part of performance analysis towards a tech refresh that will take place in the next months.


    from my past experience, i can access the SP via symmwin, correct?

    where in the SP can i find the .ttp files?

    is there a way to extract .ttp files to a host running SolutionsEnabler?

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    OK, thanks for your reply. Since we are talking about internal tools and processes, this should move to an internal forum. Please Ping or email me and we can continue the discussion.

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    Though you already have this resolved, just wanted to add that as a customer, there is an option to collect performance data using solutions enabler.  I was having issues trying to figure out how to collect data and create my own reports without having to ask the lab to pull info for me.  You have to have a separate server (can be a VM) and install only solutions enabler on it (cannot be shared with Unisphere for VMAX).  Using the STP daemon, it will create .dcf.gz files that worked to upload to MiTrend (now replaced with something else).  Just have to make sure you have stp collection enabled in the daemon options file, the arrays registered, and the stp service running.