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Extracting .ttp files from VMAX2 arrays




i'm kind of new to Performance in VMAX.

i have been asked by a customer to extract performance data from VMAX arrays in the form of TTP files.

i have been searching everywhere in the server where Unisphere is installed and found nothing.

from what i read on the internet, TTP files cover a time range of 24 hours.


i can extract something close to it in the form of BTP files, but BTP reports only cover a time range of 4 hours.

That means that i need to create 6 reports for every 24 hours, and for 3 days that's 18 reports to make - not fun.


From what i understand, TTP files are kept in the Service Processor (?).

is that true?

do we need to enable something for data to get into TTP files?


Thank you!



Update 18Dec2017:

Jason was very helpful!

.ttp files do reside on the SP but the customer has no access to the SP.

as i am a resident in the customer site on behalf of Dell-EMC, i was instructed by Jason that i can get into the SP via ESRS.

Thank you Jason for all your help!!