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how to change node's ip




i'm new on isilon, we have a 4 nodes cluster isilon, and my question is:

can we change the admin node's ip after installation?



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    it's not recommended but yes it's possible to do it.


    The last time i have done that was a 4 step process,


    connect directly my laptop to one node.

    chance the netmask in a way that you can put you new subnet

    put the new subnet

    change the netmask

    change the gateway




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    Chris Klosterman

    Hello elearning ,

    Interesting username choice by the way.

    Anyway I think we need to clarify, there is no such thing as an 'admin' node in an Isilon cluster, nor are their special interfaces dedicated to management that are out of band like you may be familiar with on other NAS platforms, like the EMC VNX.  All interfaces are available for data access and management access.

    In general if you have 10Gbe NICs connected to the nodes (like most of our customers do these days), then plugging in one or both of the 1Gbe NICs adds very little value, and increases the complexity of the configuration.

    I wrote a section in this guide on the subject (see page 9):


    Since you are new to the product, hopefully this guide can shed some light on some other topics for you as well.


    As to changing client-facing IP addresses of a cluster that's in production of course you can do that, but be advised that it'll likely involve at least a brief disconnection of your clients, and in some cases depending on the application or protocol, may require unmount/remounts.


    Hope this helps,

    Chris Klosterman

    Advisory SA

    EMC Enablement Team

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    shouldn't it be possible to create a "Management Network" by


    - create management subnet with dedicated ip-range (subnet / vlan)

    - set accesszone System

    - connect management subnet to a dedicated Interface


    for all "user access"

    - use other devices

    - use other vlans

    - use access zones nonequal to system


    afaik in 7.1 and 7.2 (i have something in my head it changed in 8) you are unable to connect to ssh, api or gui if you ask another zone than System.



    -- sluetze

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    Chris Klosterman

    Yes, in theory that's possible, and for now it works, but that makes the assumption that only the system access zone is RBAC enabled, and has SSH/WebUI.  That said who knows... as time goes on, more and more things become available in access zones, and though i have no direct knowledge of it today in the roadmap, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see these things arrive in access zones in a future release of the product based upon customer requests.


    ~Chris Klosterman

    Advisory Solution Architect

    EMC Enablement Team

    twitter: @croaking

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    If I remember right, i opened a Feature Request requesting right that...

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    is there an official documented procedure for chaning ip addresses?  Here is what was sent by someone from Dell/EMC but it looks a bit thin.


    1. Login into WebUI

    2. Go to Cluster Management-> Network configuraiton

    3. For each subnet tha tneeds to be modified:

         a. Click on subnet

         b. Find the basic settings section for each pool that needs to be modified and click edit

         c. Modify the low and high IP for the pool

         d. If necessary modify the smartconnect settings for the relevant zone


    So, as you can see... Not much to go on and I HAVE to believe that EMC wouldn't send insturdctions out like this.


    Anyway, thanks for anything you can forward.

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    Chris Klosterman

    Nothing that I know of, but I'm not a Dell/EMC/Isilon employee any longer, I'm a Principal SE for Datadobi focusing on migrations these days.  Usually the smoothest way to do this is if you have VLAN tagging turned on, and then simply add the new subnet/vlan and create new pools, then move the smart connect zone names over from the old pools to the new ones.  It really just depends if you're trying to change just change the IPs in a given subnet, or change the subnet entirely.