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Ask the Expert: Are you ready to manage deep archiving workloads with Isilon’s HD400 node and OneFS 7.2.0? Find out more about the Data Lake Foundation products

Roberto Araujo

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Our Experts today are here to answer any and all questions you may have related to the Data Lake Foundation product launches from earlier this month. As a quick recap, our experts are here to talk about the latest Isilon OneFS operating system (version 7.2.0), Insight IQ 3.1 and the newest storage platform for high density, deep archiving workloads, called HD400. Additionally we have a guest speaker George Hamilton to answer any questions about the Elastic Cloud Storage solutions and how it works as part of your Data Lake Foundation. This discussion is now open for questions. If you missed the virtual launch event, you can view the video on demand here.

Meet Your Experts:


Peter Nealy

Director of Engineering, Platforms - EMC
Peter is a veteran storage professional with experience developing platform enablement technologies for compute and storage platforms. He has lead project development as well as lead teams responsible for delivering next generation technologies on a tight timeline and budget. Before joining EMC 5 years ago, Peter worked for IBM as a software engineer.

Karthik Ramamurthy

Consultant Product Manager - EMC
Karthik has been with Isilon for 2 years now. Prior to this, he's spent a year at Netapp and before that 12 years at Veritas, first as an engineering and then running product management for their cluster file system product. Some of Karthik's areas of expertise are as followed: Cluster file systems, virtualization, product management, scale out NAS markets, competitive views, software defined storage.

George Hamilton

Product Marketing, ViPR, ECS - EMC

George is a Senior Manager responsible for EMC ECS Appliance and Centera and Atmos object storage platform product marketing. He has worked in the technology industry for nearly 20 years as a product marketing manager, industry analyst, and research director. As an analyst, George covered cloud computing and services, IT infrastructure, and IT management software. George has worked for small, pre-IPO firms such as LogMeIn, boutique advisory firms like Yankee Group as well as established technology vendors EMC, CA and Sybase.

Moderator: Niki Vecsei

This discussion takes place from Feb. 19th - March 8th. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.

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