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ERROR CC-0086 in Documentum Consistency check Report


Hi All,


I ran a consistency check on my Documentum 6.5 sp2 setup. the consistency report shows the following error.



ERROR CC-0086: Folder with r_object_id '0b01b40e8000ddad' needs to be renamed or merged with another folder. Please go through the server log for the date mentioned in the object_name 'dm_fix_me_0b01b40e8000ddad_2012-06-18 00:00:03' to find an error message that contains the r_object_id. The error message will list the name due to which this folder was renamed.


I went through Documentum Content Server 6.5 Administration Guide but could not find the error description there. I am not even able to find it on internet.


Request you to please help...


Many Thanks in Andvance

Muzamil Siddiqui