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Crystal Reports and Webtop


Hi All,


Crystal Reports Query:


I integrated Crystal Reports with Webtop and I created Normal reports and Dynamic reports from crystal designer and imported  that(.rpt) to webtop. When I tried to Open(Read Only) that document from webtop it's showing ERROR message in blue bar but it's supposed to open in crystal report viewer .


Below is the message what I'm getting.




Please any one help me.


Thanks in Advance,


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    Have the reports ever worked? Did you follow the installation instructions for DRS? What versions are you working with?


    In your posting, I cannot see the error. Are you getting any errors in the app server console or log files? Can you preview the report (with data) using crystal on the local machine?

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    Hello Matt,


    Thanks for ur Reply.


    Yes, it worked for 2-3 times then after I created new report and imported into the webtop and I tried to open that  but it showing the following ERROR. Ya, I followed installation procedure for DRS.


    I'm using Crystal Report 2008 version12.0.0.683 and DRS version 6.7.



    In app server I got the following Error:


    ERROR [http-2020-4] com.documentum.drs.common.ReportHandler - Faile

    d to process the report C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\d


    com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.report.lib.ReportSDKClientDocException: The docume

    nt has not been opened.---- Error code:-2147215349 Error code name:docNotReady

            at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.report.lib.ReportSDKClientDocException.


            at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.report.application.ReportClientDocument






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    Its not showing your posted image.


    After clicking on the rpt file you imported, is it redirecting you to drs application. Kindly confirm the installation of drs.dar file in your repository.



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    Hi Matt,


    Ya I got the same error but in that pdf the solution is based on the UNIX based environment. But I'm working on Windows based environment. So, can u please tell me the solution how to overcome on Windows.




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    As described in the article, I would try to add the parameter as described to the java startup of the app server. If that does not help, then I'd probably log a ticket with EMC Support. Is the account that app server service is using a local admin to the server? It may be a permissions issue.


    Good Luck,