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CX-300 Failed Hard Drive


I have an older cx-300 which is no longer under warranty or a support plan and we have recently had a hard drive (450GB Seagate 3450856FCV) go bad. I've been told that sometimes certain devices require drives bought from the specific vendor in order to function, ie I'd have to buy this drive from EMC.


I noticed while looking around online that the 3450856FCV is most often linked to EMC; where as the 3450856FC doesn't seem that way and is often cheaper...am I able to purchase and install either drive or must it be the "V" version which is more expensive and seems to be what EMC wants installed?


Thanks much for any help offered as I'm not very familiar with this device.

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    EMC drives have an EMC specific firmware on them and are formatted with a different sector size from standard.  It’s extremely unlikely you will be able to get a non-EMC drive to work in the CX300.


    Richard J Anderson

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    drive has to be supported by the FLARE but also it has to be formatted properly for the array to recognize it. It's typically formatted at the factory, 520 bytes per block ..512 for data and 8 for Clariion metadata.

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    I ordered an "EMC" drive from 3rd party and the disk will still not come up. When I insert the drive it shows an amber light then flashes green slowley to then change to solid green and solid amber.


    On the Navispher it shows as being faulted under the physical list with its property saying its "removed".


    I have a hotspare that took over for this drive and is working just fine; during any power down/power up it will rebuild the raid group using the hot spare.


    My question to test the disk port would I be able to pull the Hot Spare from its currently location and plug it into the disk port of the "bad" drive without losing the raid group? I believe that is how its suppose to work but as raids are one of those things schools don't talk about much I'm unsure.



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    Could you check if the part number that the 3rd part vendor gave you is compatible with the one that went faulted?

    I am talking about the TLA part number starting with 005-

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    Did you just pull and replace the drive, or did you use the Navisphere Service Manager to replace it?  If you just pull it and replace it I don't believe it will come up.  You would need to load NSM and choose to perform a disk replacement.


    *Note: No longer required on new VNX series Arrays.

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    On the older CX300, you can usually just pull the failed disk and insert the new disk. Sometimes a disk can get stuck when replaced. Sometimes the type of disk is not supported by the version of flare running on the array.