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can centera be used for file storage?


Hi All,


Can we use centera be used for file storage? mostly videos and images which will be edited and used for broadcasting. Will CUA help to provide with access from client like Windows 7 or Mac where the video & image editing application is loaded.


What would be a best fit?


Appreciate all inputs.



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    the application is ADOBE CS5 Cutpro.

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    Centera is designed as an archive product for the long-term retention of data, so it doesn't handle high volumes of deletes as one might hope.

    The CUA can work as a CIFS file share for windows7 but it isn't your standard file-share.  You can see more about limitations from powerlink.


    Regarding the use of the application, it shouldn't matter since you're using the CUA like a file share.  The thing that may catch up to you is if you're constantly editing files that are already resident on the centera because it will mean (1) you will have large files continually going back and forth over IP, and (2) when the content changes on the centera it will update with entirely new object(s) and the old one is marked for deletion--so if you're doing a lot of updates and deletes to existing files, you may see a lot of capacity used up faster than its getting reclaimed by the garbage collection processes.

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    Hi Samir,


    We can use Centera for File Storage using CUA, but please note that Centera is not designed to work as a filer or NAS, and though it might support CIFS and NFS Protocols the performance will no where be closer to actual Filer or a NAS device.