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Cloud Infrastructure and Services (EMCCIS)  -  Essential for IT Skills Transformation

Alok Shrivastava

Technical professionals across all domains and departments of IT will be required to have a solid understanding of virtualization and cloud infrastructure concepts as businesses transition to highly virtualized cloud environments.


We are introducing EMC Proven Professional Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate (EMCCIS) training and certification to develop, validate, and brand strong technical foundations covering classic data center, virtualized data center, and cloud environments.


Cloud Infrastructure and Services Course:


This “cloud essentials” course will enable all IT professionals responsible for server, storage, networking, and applications to make informed decisions on migration to the cloud.  It is one of our ‘open’ curriculum-based education and certifications that are focused on technology concepts and principles applicable to any vendor environment. The CIS course is based on the Cloud model defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


EMCCIS - An alternate option for Cloud Architect (EMCCA) certification:


The new Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate (EMCCIS) certification also creates an alternate way to achieve Cloud Architect (EMCCA) certification. In other words, earning either EMCISA or EMCCIS certification qualifies you to achieve EMCCA and, ultimately, EMCCAe (IT-as-a-Service) certifications.


Self-Paced Learning:


The Cloud Infrastructure and Services course is available in our popular Video-ILT (VILT) mode. Delivered by multiple subject matter experts, the DVD-based VILT provides a near-classroom experience.


Review the details on these training and certification offerings by visiting the EMC Education Services website.

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    Alok Shrivastava

    Chuck Hollis just posted his thoughts and commentary on the IT transformation including EMCCIS as well as EMCCA and EMCDCA training and certifications.... worth checking it out:



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    Today, EMC issued an announcement about new additions to its ‘open’ curriculum-based Proven Professional certification program.  Read this thread to learn more about EMC’s IT-as-a-Service Planning and Design course and Cloud Architect Expert (EMCCAe) certification and Data Science and Big Data Analytics and Data Science Associate (EMCDSA) certification. 

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    I am new to the Cloud Computing Tech..Could you help me out from where I need to start.


    There are various related cloud tech in the market(Amazon,Salesforce etc)..If I want to learn which one will be helpful for EMC Cloudcomputing.I am a DCTM and Captiva developer now.If I learn this at this stage whether it is helpful or not???




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    I'm one of the SME's on the cloud development team. There are three courses in the curriculum currently:


    EMCCIS (associate) - this course provides a nice overview of the concepts and definitions for virtual datacenters and cloud computing. The most important outcome is that you have a standard set of definitions and concepts for you to use when you consider virtualization and cloud technologies. You will learn how the pieces fit together and which ones you need to design a cloud service.


    EMCCCA (specialist) - this course is goes more deeply into what the process is for going from a data center with some virtualization to a virtualized data center and includes some deeper discussion on trust/security/GRC and introduces the notions of service management in a cloud context. Most datacenters have by now virtualized some of their information assets. This course teaches you how to design a set of virtualized resource pools that have the appropriate trust, SLA, and performance characteristics to support the business - holistically instead of virtualized silos.


    EMCCCAe (expert) - this course is the expert level course and is specifically designed to help the architect learn how to

    design and defend an ITaaS solution - whether IT wants to become a broker for public cloud services or build their own services or some blend of the two. When you complete this course you should know how to design a solution that includes the infrastructure layers, service management (full service lifecycle), and security/trust requirements.


    In all three courses we teach the course without tying the learning to specific technology and in the specialist and expert classes we incorporate examples from many service providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office265/Azure, Rackspace, and of course some of EMCs technology as well.


    We've had service providers, customers, partners, and many from EMCs technical community take these courses and we've had a lot of great feedback on how much these courses have helped them with their current projects.


    I hope this helps!


    take care,