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webtop 6.5sp3 displaying date time off by 1 hour


Users are complaining about date displaying 1 hour back for some date values. But this issue is not happening all the time. When I tested on my machine by deleting cache, I can reproduce the issue for the date March 19 1952 12:00 am, displaying in webtop as March 18 1952 11:00 PM. This date is displyed as wrong date during testing and can be reproduced all the time. Even if I try to update a value for the date field using webtop6.5sp3, March 19 1952 12:00 will be stored in repository as March 19 1952 01:00 AM. Documents are scanned into the system and only date is entered, so default time stored is 12:00 am.


Local timezone value is correct in docbase configuration. r_normal_tz  :  -18000,  r_tz_aware :  T
our earlier version was 5.3 sp6.  webtop 5.3 display the correct date and time. out of the box webtop 6.5sp3 and DA 6.5sp3 has the same issue for this date March 19 1952 12:00 am. Any idea why this issue happening on 6.5sp3?