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Backing Up Your Personal Data?


We concentrate so much on the business side of data storage, but what about our own personal data? Videos, photos, music, personal, docs, etc. What are you doing to make sure your personal things are protected?


My photos are my most important personal asset, so I'm pretty good about making sure I don't lose them. I keep them on my hard drive, on Flickr, and always try to additionally save them to disks that I store in a safe place. My music files ... well, let's just say I hope nothing happens to my hard drive!


What about you? Are you fanatical about your personal data, don't do enough to protect it, or somewhere in between?



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    Allen Ward

    I wouldn't call myself a fanatic, but I do use Mozy to make sure my personal data is recoverable. After surviving on hard drive crash at home a few years ago I don't want to go through that again. I was able to recover a lot of my digital photos from various CDs and DVDs I had distributed to family and friends, but some things just wouldn't come back. I even looked into a data recovery service, but what they were able to access wasn't worth what they were charging.


    I have a dedicated NAS at home now and I could do backups to it, but I prefer to have my data available somewhere that won't be affected if the house burns to the ground. Mozy is pretty much set it and forget it for me. And recovery is simple. I used it just yesterday (literally) when I realized I had accidentally deleted a folder that had contained the music CD from my wedding.


    So, fanatic? Not really...   but Safe? Absolutely :-)

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    Susan Zellmann-Rohrer
    I have a 2TB drive that has my video projects and photos. Unfortunately I have zip drive disks (remember zip drives?), 2 1/2 inch floppies (that's when computers used coal), miniDV media, 1/2 inch video, smartcards, a desk drawer full of thumb drives, boxes and boxes of images and the hard drives from four not-used-anymore Macs and PCs.  I need a transfer and archiving fairy to swoop down and fix all of it.  My husband backs everything up using Kryptonite.
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    I've recently started syncing my computers to each other as a first level of protection.  That way pictures, documents, etc are always on both machines.


    Then one machine has a license for Carbonite on it, so that it uploads everything to Carbonite so that if I loose both machines at the same time I can still keep everything.


    I also will start syncing my photo's with my wife's computer (she just doesn't know it yet) so that both her's and mine are backed up (although a good number are already the same) but this way nothing gets lost.



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    Susan Zellmann-Rohrer

    You are organized. I am impressed. My significant other - who is a data wrangler - has similar organizational tendencies. Oh, that I could be so disciplined.  I think I am plagued with superstitions around personal data; if I try and back it up it will somehow increase the likelihood that chaos and loss will ensure.  If I just pretend to not care - then the data will assume that it doesn't matter and won't try anything sneaky.   All makes sense to me and I haven't lost anything meaningful yet.  :-).

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    I am a DBA by trade so a little OCD comes in handy (you wouldn't know it if you saw my physical desk, I'm much better with data than paper).  The thing I like about Carbonite is that it lets you be as paranoid as you want to be.  Everything is encrypted and they give you the option of manageing the key yourself or letting them do it.  If you let them do it everything is easy, but if you manage the key yourself you have to make sure that you back that puppy up somewhere.


    I love Windows sync though.  I just got a new laptop tax write off so moving all my data was easy.  Just install Windows, install Windows Sync, tell it to add the new laptop to the sync and sit back for a few hours.  Everything simply copied from the other machines to the new laptop in like 8-10 hours (I've got about 40-60 Gigs of data that has to sync).  Much easier than trying to do it all manually.  I even blogged about it a while back (I'll blog about just about anything though, so it really isn't much of a shock).



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    Francois Dauberlieu
    I synch all my pc's at home, the 4 of them, (yeah, I know, Nerd alert), including my wife's too (she doesn't know either), I also copy it all on my external hard drive and at last, don;t tell my both but I also use a few GB's on our server in the office. Since I'm the one doing the maintenance on them, nobody knows . Well, until now that I write it down here that is.
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    At home, my MacBookPro has Mozy.  Other computers have zero backups.  But anything important I put a copy on the MBP that mozy gets.  I was so impressed with it that I put my mother's MacBook on it too.  And her data is safe.  She likes it since she doesnt have to do anything.  Every now and then a little popup comes up that says she is done with her backup.  At first she was concerned.  Now she is concerened is she doesnt see it.


    With Mozy's speed, I wouldnt use it for anything professional/business related.  it is just too slow.



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    Allen Ward

    I'm curious if the new 2.0 client will speed things up as much as they claim. I'm hoping so, but I haven't had time to upgrade yet on my machines at home. I think they were still working on the Mac version 2.0, but that could make a difference if their claims hold water. I honestly don't know how long most of my backups take now since it just happens in the background (usually when I'm not around).

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    Bashanta Phukon

    It is true sometimes we do not realize that our personal Data are as important as the Business Data. Many times we overlook the importance of it.  In the event of HDD crash or file error / Virus Attack etc. I use any professional Data recovery software to restore them, Since it is an expensive affair, In my case I prefer to backup my personal Data regularly on multiple drives.

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    I just use my external drive to back-up my personal data (once a month).

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    Allen Ward

    I'm so used to working on a large scale enterprise environment now that there are some thought processes I just take for granted. So I have an additional question to Erin's initial conversation starter.


    For those who maintain their backups locally in their homes (DVDs, external HD, etc) did you consider the risk of something like a fire, flood, tornado, or whatever? Did you make a conscious decision to mitigate risk only to a certain point (cost vs. protection balance)?


    I only ask this because in the business world we still regularly see business units making informed decisions to limit the cost of protection for certain things while they will spend extra for others. They just want to be informed on options and risk factors so they can make the call instead of having it made for them. We can tell them what we THINK they should do, but only they can place the true value on the data we hold for them.


    Personally I can't imagine losing some of the files I have and I'm willing to pay the extra to make sure that that digital movie file of my son "eating" his first birthday cake is never at risk. If you asked me if I would pay extra to have it stored in multiple disperse geographic locations I would probably decline based on cost vs. risk, but I'm happy to pay what I do today to make sure it is in at least one location far from my home and anything that might happen to it there.

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    Bashanta Phukon

    I Agree with Allen we can store our important datas on any regular CD/DVD's however it turns out to be expensive when the data is large and in the event of disaster both natural and un-natural, there is a high risk, Perhaps we may have discussed earlier, How about backing up our important data online, there are many websites providing virtual space with little or no cost, In my opinion if we have few GB's of data, Online storage is the best option.


    Any takers?

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    Phukon, I think online storage is a great option, likely to be the future, and I basically use a form of it now for photos, as most of mine are on Flickr. I think there are a few big questions and challenges in that realm that are going to be interesting to see how they play out.  One is security and the other is customer service.


    A friend of mine recently posted on FB about the fact that when he had a problem accessing his Flickr photos, and couldn't for the life of him get anyone at the company to help him. He tried every method of outreach possible, and got no response at all. I wonder if this type of behavior will move people more towards virtual spaces that are specifically designed to be storage spaces (if that makes sense -- vs. the Flickrs of the world who I would say were going after something different) -- and thus, I would hope, have better customer service and better security?

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    Roy Mikes

    I just use my NAS to back-up my personal data. It's RAID 5 protected. Nevertheless If my hous burns down It's gone.

    When that happens Ikeep a copy on a HDD on my work.

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