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vSpecialist Demos- If you would like to see others add a comment below

Brittany Coulson

[NOTE: The links were originally posted in 2010 and are currently out of date.  I'm leaving this discussion here for historical purposes. I will post updated demo links as soon as they become available. - Dave]



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Data Protection

Avamar v5 with vSphere

This demo shows a vSphere environment being backed up   using Amavar 5.  In the demo, Amavar   leverages the VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection, specifically   "change block tracking" to improve the amount of time/resource it   takes to take a deduplicated backup.

Avamar, vSphere


Data Protection

Bare Metal Restore with Homebase/Avamar

The demos shows how to use EMC Homebase and Avamar to   provide bare metal restore for a virtual machine.

Homebase, Avamar


Data Protection

Celerra Checkpoints with NFS

This demo shows an ESX host accessing a NFS checkpoint,   for quick and dirty file level recovery.

Celerra, Snapsure, vSphere


Data Protection

Replication Manager and MS Exchange

This demo shows how by using EMC Replication Manager,   you can do a application consistent, point in time recovery of a critical   application, such as MS Exchange, for mailbox or message level restore.

Replication Manager, MS Exchange


Data Protection

Replication Manager and NFS Datastores (Oracle Workload)

This demo shows how by using EMC Replication Manager,   you can do a application consistent, point in time recovery of critical   application data, such as an Oracle database, and how RM works with Celerra   NFS.

Replication Manager, Celerra, Oracle, vSphere


Data Protection

VMware Site Recovery Manager NFS Failback

This demo shows how Celerra Replicator can be used to   replicate NFS datastores and how when using VMware SRM, you can automate the   "failback" process with the vCenter plugin.

VMware SRM, Celerra


Data Protection

VMware Site Recovery Manager Integration with   RecoverPoint

This demo shows how VMware SRM can be used with   RecoverPoint replication to provide a successful failover, leveraging SRM to   automate the various task related to the recovery plan process. The demo   highlights integration between EMC and VMware.

VMware SRM, RecoverPoint


Data Protection

VMware Site Recovery Manager Integration with Celerra

This demo shows how VMware SRM can be used with Celerra   Replicator replication to provide a successful failover, leveraging SRM to   automate the various task related to the recovery plan process. The demo highlights   integration between EMC and VMware.

VMware SRM, Celerra


Data Protection

VMware Site Recovery Manager Integration with Symmetrix

This demo shows how VMware SRM can be used with   Symmetrix SRDF replication to provide a successful failover, leveraging SRM   to automate the various task related to the recovery plan process. The demo   highlights integration between EMC and VMware.

VMware SRM, Symmetrix


Data Protection

MirrorView Insight Plugin for VMware SRM

This demo shows how MirrorView Insight can be used   within a VMware SRM environment, to automate the "failback" process   with the vCenter plugin.  It shows the   reversal of replication, resynchronization, and the automation of the   failback process to a successful recovery in the originating site.

CLARiiON, MirrorView, VMware SRM, vSphere



IONIX Application Discovery Manager

This demo shows how IONIX Application Discovery Manager   maps relationships between virtual and physical servers.




IONIX Data Center Insight

This demo shows how us can leverage IONIX Data Center   Insight as a topological dashboard or mashup for all of your virtual data   center configuration information (for storage, network, servers,   applications), it also shows relationships between virtual and physical   servers.

IONIX DCI, vSphere, Cisco UCS



IONIX Unified Infrastructure Manager v1

This demo shows how IONIX Unified Infrastructure manager   can be used to manage aspects of a vBlock deployment, the focus is on the   configuration aspects of managing multiple Cisco UCS systems concurrently.

IONIX UIM, vBlock, Cisco UCS, vSphere



IONIX Server Configuration Manager

This demo shows the various reporting capabilities   within IONIX Server Configuration Manager, specifically how to spot potential   compliance issues with virtual data center infrastructure.  The focus of the demo is on the standard   reports provided within SCM for VMware.




VMware Aware Navisphere (Flare 29)

This demo show VMware vCenter specific information, as   it pertains to the storage resource created within the CLARiiON. It provides   the storage admin with details as to how VMware impacts their   environment.  Focus is on seeing VMware   datastore related information at various levels in the management hierarchy   (LUN, Host, Storage Group).

Navisphere, vSphere



RSA enVision and vCenter 4 Integration

This demo shows the integration between vCenter and RAS   enVision, the focus is on logging critical administrative and security   related events that are generated within a VMware environment.

RSA enVision, vCenter, vSphere



RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Integration with vSphere   (VMSafe APIs, Beta)

This demo shows how RSA DLP (Data Loss Prevention)   integrates with VMware's VMSafe APIs, to provide security awareness within   the virtualization layer.  This demo   shows a feature that is currently under development and will be released at a   later date.  The focus is on how DLP   can spot transmission within data transfers, to potentially indicate a   security breach.

RSA DLP, vCenter, vShield Zones, vSphere



RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Authentication Manager

This demo shows how by using RSA Authentication Manager   two-factor authentication can create a much higher level of security for   administrative logins into vCenter or when using the VMware View Client.  In addition, the highlights how DLP can be   leveraged with View harden the VMware environment, presenting data loss and   avoiding security breaches.

RSA DLP, Authentication Manager, vSphere


Storage Intelligence/Integration

EMC Storage Viewer 2.1

This demo shows how by using the EMC Storage Viewer   Plugin for vCenter gives VMware administrator can gain access to important   details relating to the storage resource.  The demo shows LUNs presented from a CLARiiON storage array to   vSphere.

VMware vCenter, Storage Viewer, vSphere


Storage Intelligence/Integration

Celerra NFS Plugin (Functionality Tour)

This demo shows how VMware administrators can leverage   the Celerra Plugin for vCenter.  The   focus is on how the plugin allows admins to provision pools of NFS storage   for their VMware datastores, as well as how to extend once provisioned.  The focus is on the latest deduplication   and compression capabilities of the Celerra firmware.

VMware vCenter, Celerra, vSphere


Storage Intelligence/Integration

Celerra NFS Plugin (Compress/Decompress)

This demo shows how VMware administrators can leverage   the Celerra Plugin for vCenter.  The   focus of this demo is specifically showing the before and after affects on   storage utilization related to compression capabilities of the Celerra   firmware.

VMware vCenter, Celerra, vSphere


Storage Intelligence/Integration

Provisioning iSCSI and NFS on the Iomega

This demo shows how to provision iSCSI and NFS storage   from the Iomega management interface.

Iomega IX4, vSphere


Storage Intelligence/Integration

Template Based Provisioning (vBlock: Cisco UCS, VMAX and   vSphere)

This demo shows large scale provisioning on the Vblock   platform.  The focus is on the use of   templates (within the storage, server, and VM layers).  The demo shows a large number of VMs being   provisioned.

vBlock: Cisco UCS, VMAX, vSphere


Storage Intelligence/Integration

Storage Quality of Service Integration: Navisphere NQM   and DRS

This demo shows how Navisphere Quality of Service   Manager (NQM) can be used to provide QoS for I/Os competing on shared VMware   datastore.

CLARiiON, Navisphere, NQM, VMware DRS, ESX 3.5


Storage Intelligence/Integration

Zero Reclamation on Symmetrix with vSphere Thin   Provisioning

This demo shows how the "Zero Reclamation"   feature works related to vSphere and Virtual Provisioning.  The focus is on how the feature reclaims   zero-ed out storage consumed over time, depending on the VMDK provisioning   method used.

Symmetrix, vSphere


Storage Intelligence/Integration

NPIV Configuration for vSphere & CLARiiON

This demo shows how NPIV (N-Port ID Virtualization) can   be used to assign LUNs to a virtual WWN assigned to a specific VM, isolating   this LUN to only that VM.  The focus is   on how the technology can be used for features such as storage isolation,   ability to apply fabric based QoS and security.

CLARiiON, vSphere, NPIV


Storage Intelligence/Integration

VMware Awareness within RecoverPoint

This demo shows how administrators can gain visibility   into vCenter details within the native RecoverPoint management   interface.  This management visbility   demonstrates integration between vCenter as it relates to the replication   process.

RecoverPoint, vSphere, VMware SRM


Storage Intelligence/Integration

Offline VDI with VMware View

This demo shows how administrators can utilize the   "Offline VDI" experimental capability of VMware View.

VMware View, VDI Offline


Storage Intelligence/Integration

VMware Direct Path IO with (10 Gigabit & iSCSI)

This demo shows how the VM Direct Path I/O feature   within vSphere can be used to connect a physical 10 Gigabit network interface   to a specific VM.  The VM connects to   an iSCSI LUN, mounts it, formats the LUN and generates some sample I/O.

vSphere, CLARiiON


Storage Intelligence/Integration

Long Distance VMotion (VMworld 2009)

This demo shows how active/active storage can be   leverages to enable "long distance VMotion".  The focus is on the various methods   available to provide the mobility required to support LD VMotion.

vSphere, Storage Virtualization


Storage Intelligence/Integration

FAST: Fully Automated Storage Tiering

This demo shows how FAST or Fully Automated Storage   Teiring on the Symmetrix can improve the storage utilization of a pool of   storage presented a vSphere cluster.

vSphere, Symmetrix, FAST


Storage Intelligence/Integration

vStorage APIs (VMworld 2009)

This demo shows how various vStorage APIs can leverage   native storage array capabilities, through integration.  This is a sneak peek at future feature   integration between vSphere and EMC storage.

vStorage, vSphere



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