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CMIS Presentation at EMC World

Laurence Hart

So, I was trying to propose a topic for EMC World this year, and the web form is broken.  Here is what I was thinking:


Building a Federated Content Application with CMIS


AIIM built a reference application using the new Content Management  Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard that accesses multiple repositories,  including the Documentum Content Server.  This session will show how CMIS was  used to build the demonstration, the strengths and weaknesses of CMIS, and how  building the application would have been different using Documentum Foundation  Services (DFS).



  1. Understand the capabilities of the new CMIS standard.
  2. Determine when to use CMIS versus DFS.
  3. Determine when to use Web Services versus a RESTful architecture.


This will include a live demo of the application. I am the lead developer on the applications and a member of the AIIM iECM committee. I co-presented with Karin  Ondricek last year at EMC World on CMIS as a whole.  This topic is more focused on the practical use of CMIS and how it compares/contrasts with DFS in the context of this application.


What do you think?



  • 1. Re: CMIS link is fixed: https://www.emcworldonline.com/2010/portal/cfp/cfpLogin.ww

    Hi there Laurence:


    Thank you for your post.


    I'm really sorry about the broken link.  Thanks for letting us know.  The link issue has been fixed (just received email confirmation).  There was an issue with one of the fields which has now been corrected.  That is the beauty of the Documentum Community!  It gives everyone the chance to find out things early and often - but then you also are the first contacts to help us to work out potential quirks.


    LINK:  https://www.emcworldonline.com/2010/portal/cfp/cfpLogin.ww


    Your idea sounds amazing and I'm personally very impressed.  I apologize for the fact that I can't submit it for you as it wouldn't show that it came from you as your idea.  Please try the link again and post your information and submit.


    Do keep us in the community "in the loop" and let us know if your concept gets selected.  I have contacted a few CMIS experts to see if they might post their thoughts as well.


    Best regards and good luck.

  • 2. Re: EMC World Submission link is fixed: https://www.emcworldonline.com/2010/portal/cfp/cfpLogin.ww
    Laurence Hart

    Thanks Kelly.  I have uploaded my submission.  Hopefully it will be selected along with other great topics.



  • 3. 2010 Submission link : https://www.emcworldonline.com/2010/portal/cfp/cfpLogin.ww

    Hi Laurence & Documentum Community members:


    What other ideas do you have that you might want to submit for EMC World 2010?  Are you willing to post a taste of what you might propose via the submission link?


    Below is the link to the co-presentation Laurence referenced above that he presented with Karin Ondricek last year at EMC World 2009 - it is about CMIS as a whole. http://www.slideshare.net/pie1120/emc-world-2009-standards-cmis


    Perhaps this co-presentation may spark some ideas ??



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    Hi Laurence,


    This is a great topic idea.  We actually did a presentation covering most of those topics at EMC World Europe this year, I've posted the slide deck here.  We got a pretty good attendance.


    I'll propose to the marketing group to update this session with the application specific portion.  It's always great to show off applications that are using CMIS.




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    Laurence Hart

    Ameet: Thanks so much for sharing that presentation. It should be on slideshare.  My proposal is focused on AIIM's CMIS application and the standard.  The comparison with DFS is partially to help put the functionality into perspective AND to illustrate how CMIS speeds multi-repository development.


    On a related note, not sure I agree with the 4 scenarios presented.  I think the 2nd and 3rd options are two sides of the same coin. The 4th, migration, I'm not sold upon.  It would work work with simpler models, but it wouldn't necessarily capture all of the details. I've embedded a presentation that talks to the use cases and I talk about the three fundamental use cases on my blog.


    Kelly: I know what I would like to see.  I'd love to here from a couple of actual business users or developers working for clients talking about some of the challenges they have faced in the past year, be it upgrades, migrations, new deployments, whatever.  Learning what went right or wrong, lessons learned and honest tips on how they would do it better if they could start over.  I would suggest they get paired with someone with presentaiton experience to help create an interesting and educational presentation. Shoot, the discussion afterwards could be invaluable.



  • 6. Thanks Laurence

    Hey there Laurence,


    Your idea that you have posted above is outstanding.  It would be a topic that could lead to productive and creative ideas, solutions and discussions.  The synergistic brain power at the conference would create an amazing conversation and I'm sure would lead to calls of action.


    I will share your post with our technical Product Managers and Documentum experts.


    Keep your intelligent posts coming - we appreciate your expertise and active participation on the community.  All of the posts on the Documentum Community help us to make a good thing - even better.


    A special thanks to Ameet for his post as well!


    Best regards,

  • 7. Re: Thanks Laurence
    Laurence Hart
    Any idea when the decisions will be made?  Will those not selected be notified?
  • 8. Re: Thanks Laurence
    I'm bumping this because I have not heard any word on when the word goes out on which talks are accepted.
  • 9. Re: Thanks Laurence
    Laurence Hart

    I have heard that they are still deciding, but I have no definitive information.


    It would be cool to promote the selections here in the Community.  It will raise awareness of the sessions and encourage people to both attend and submit again next year.



  • 10. Re: Thanks Laurence
    Andrea Leggett

    We just collected all the customer submissions and are reviewing them today and tomorrow.  Jennifer Amador will then contact those accepted and not accepted.  We are also posting our proposed Documentum, SourceOne and Developer sessions to the communities in order to get feedback.  Trying get some up this week.  Any ideas on how to best socialize this content - there are over 100 abstracts this year!!


  • 11. Selecting the Presenters
    Laurence Hart

    I'm glad that there were so many submissions.  Not knowing how many slots there are, helping could be tough.  I would do the following:


    - Group them by subject/vertical and assign the number of slots available.


    - Select the obvious good ones that don't significantly overlap with what is already on the schedule.  There should still be several slots left over.


    - Take 5-10 per category, post the details on the Community and link it to the poll.  You could post them all, but with 100, that could get a little complicated for an ad-hoc process.  Give people a week to vote for their favorite.  If you have 2 slots open, take the top 2 vote-getters etc.(Being able to vote a max of X times could be useful)  Use every relevant email list you have to tell people the vote it going on.  Tweet every day.  Enlist the bloggers to write posts encouraging people to go vote.  Tell all submitters about the vote, letting them know that some submitted topics have already been selected.  This helps if they don't see their topic listed that they may have been selected anyway.


    - If you plan it right, you can save a couple of slots and hand them out to honorable mentions that you saw get a fair amount of interest but didn't quite get the vote total.  Maybe if the polls are close, the runner-up in one poll could get the spare slot.


    What makes this hard is that you need to decide before too much longer.  Openess and fairness is key because the process itself will help bring the community together and encourage more participation next year.



  • 12. Re: CMIS Presentation at EMC World
    Laurence Hart

    So my CMIS topic wasn't selected. Is it safe to assume that someone will be talking about CMIS at EMC World this year? It is a slightly important topic.