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We want your candid feedback...

Attention Amazing Documentum Community members:

Have you ever found yourself looking for a feature or thought of an add-on component that would be ideal but that just isn't available?   Well then, please do tell us!

We've created this new forum for our Documentum Community members to share ideas about extensions, add-ons and other features that you would like to have to extend the current Documentum product offerings. This is a way to connect community members who want to contribute with those who have ideas for additional functionality.

All ideas are welcome. Contributions are encouraged.  Candid feedback is embraced!  Talk to us…


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    Laurence Hart

    Funny you should ask....I've posted a few blog posts in the last week or so on this topic, and I plan on 2 more in the series.  The links are here and there have been comments by several in the broader community on several of the posts.


    Documentum Renewel: Application Separation - A discussion on breaking the tight link between the Content Server and individual application releases.


    Documentum Renewel: Focus on the Core - Talking about things that we would like to see in the Content Server, including a 64-bit version.


    Documentum Renewel: Identity Management - Why EMC needs to pay more attention to the lack of support for Identity Management.


    My next post is on general Application architecture and a wrap-up post.



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    1. we need to have our own db (in addition to oracle/ms/sybase/db2), they are killing us on prices, sometimes db is more expensive than dctm

    2. support for per page protection of a multipage tiff/pdf (i.e. breaking those docs automatically to create a virtual pdf/tiff where each page can be protected)

    3. better installer (this is the reason why sharepoint is able to attack us, because dctm needs a rocket scientist to install/configure)

    4. reconsider the the docapp replacement dar files, they are a nightmare, it installs too slow, without notification, and you can wait for hours believing it is running  just to know that it hanged somewhere

    5. simple and cost effective (not a full feature) reports management/decollation (ASR doesn't seem to do the job right)

  • 4. Re: Thank you for your posts...

    Hello Laurence, Craig & Kris,


    Thank you for your very quick postings.  They are appreciated and acknowledged.


    We are honored that you have taken your valuable time to share your expertise and opinions about how Documentum can continue to improve and meet the needs of the customers that utilize and implement the products in their everyday business life.


    Our technical engineers receive these community threads in their email in-box directly from this post.  I will follow up with them as well.


    Please keep your comments, opinions and passionate responses coming - we are listening and taking all of the information into account.


    A very special thanks and Happy New Year!


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    Francois Dauberlieu

    One missing feature I get a lot of comments  about from my customers and users is that since Webtop, there's no more a My Checked out Documents in the browser tree. Users that used to work with DTC miss it a lot.


    I can explain them that they can go to My Files and then sort on the Lock icon, theey're still not happy, 1 click too many they say

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    Some things I'd like to see:


    1. When you do a docbase copy, be able to rename the target docbase to a new name easily after the copy.

    2. Better mass configuration updated to SCS, ie, when doing docbase copy, repointing to new docbase quickly.

    3. New OOTB UI screens with great AJAX functionality in the browser.

    4. More easily configurable rich text editor integrated with UI applications.  Ability to easily add dynamic tagging within the toolbar.




  • 7. Re: We want your candid feedback...

    Hello Francois,


    Thank you for your post regarding the feature request that you often hear about.

    I'll connect with the engineer team to relay your feedback/information regarding the one click too many concept.


    Your input is valued and appreciated.


    Best regards,


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    Thanks Gabe for your posting and feedback.


    You did a great job posting your step by step suggestions in a neatly fashion that is understandable.

    Your information/feedback is an ideal tool that we can utilize now and in the future as well.


    Your opinion, suggestions and constructive comments are appreciated and heard.


    Best regards,

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    Francois Dauberlieu

    Hi Kelly,


    Actually, I got tired of this complain from my users so I started on that.


    You can find a 1st version of such a component at https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-5394


    Feel free to send it to Engineering if you want.



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    I'm not sure where this fits as a request, but it would really help developers if there was a standard way to set up their development projects.  I've been architecting the build for our WDK projects for a couple years now, and with our 6.5 upgrade I bit the bullet and tried to Maven-ized it.  It helped that the web applications are now pure WAR files.  I took a look at the interdependencies of the jar files, put them into a Maven repo with my best guess at version numbers and such.  It seems to work.  Here's what I would like:


    1. A password protected Maven repo for all the libraries used in the Java applications.

    2. The dependency tree mapped out and maintained.  There are libs that haven't changed from 6.5 to 6.5SP1 to 6.5SP2.  Knowing how the dependency tree changes in DAM, for example, from version to version would greatly help us upgrade and move our customizations.  It would also help with Pie's goal of making the version numbers mean something.

    3. Some sample pom.xml files for the different apps.

    4. The files in the WEB-INF/classes packaged as jar files so that they can be versioned properly, as well.  While we're at it, can we get the different layers in this class structure to match up from app to app?  The com.documentum.webtop varies from app to app (ex. da vs. dam).  I'm not sure why this is.


    This would make my life much easier.  I also second the request to copy a docbase to a new environment and change the name.




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    Laurence Hart

    All of the responses so far have been excellent.  As I stated previously, I was in the middle of writing a series of posts on the topic.  Here are the links to the remaining posts in the series:


    • Architecting Content Applications: Expanding on the Application Separation to talk about how the separated applications should be built.
    • Simplify and Bundle: Trying to wrap it up by talking about how the pricing model needs to become much simpler and straight forward.
    • Wrapping it Up with a Bow: Talks about the why of the series and the overall logic, and sources, for everything written.


    I also wrote a post that kicked the series off that is relevant, Redefining the Core Tech of ECM. This covers a lot about what should be in the Content Server.


    Thanks again for starting this thread.  If you like, I will bring the comments with further suggestions from my blog to this thread.   That will stop you have having to monitor the discussion.



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    Julien Fontaine

    Hi everybody,


    I think that that Content Server should propose different JMS. JBoss is a good application server in production mode but in development mode, when you develop some server method, a version with a light JBoss instance or a Tomcat will be very efficient (less time to restart).


    Thank you for your attention.

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    Nowadays, it should be possible to simply point this discussion at your comments feed, Pie (for the set of posts, not necessarily for your whole blog)...
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