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Who are you?

Gina Rosenthal

I thought I'd start a thread so people can introduce themselves. To participate, reply to this thread with the following information:


  1. Your location (as detailed or broad as you feel comfortable with)
  2. Your technical strengths
  3. One thing most people don't know about you


I'll start:


  1. I am in Massachusetts, but I'm from the Florida Panandle
  2. UNIX, SAN, and now I'm beefing up my IP networking administration skills
  3. I was in musicals in high school



OK, who's next?

  • 1. Re: Who are you?

    Gina, thanks for the opportunity to talk about ourselves....


    I work for Ed services in the Franklin facility (here in Massachusetts). I live and grew up in Harvard, Massachusetts....apple growing country. 40 acres of pasture and woods, with a few chickens.


    Technical strength: well, I am mostly a marketing type, so no UNIX code from me. But I think there are technical aspects to marketing that I have mastered over the years (including an mba from Wharton). What I am really good at is more artistic, Photography and Photoshop. In spite of the age of "everything automatic", there is a lot to know about photography, and I have been doing it professionally for many years. EMC even purchased a few of my images for wall-size blow ups at their training facility. (attached is a very recent photo taken over Christmas vacation.)


    Something people don't know about me:  I play the violin (since I was 9) and still participate in local chamber music and community orchestra. I write music, especially duets for strings that I can play with my daughter who is very talented on the viola (the larger cousin to the violin). Years ago (in my college youth) I played the violin on the street corners of Europe (Venice, Florence, Saltzburg, Paris) making money while roaming the continent on a eurrail pass.


    Comments? thanks.

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    Gina Rosenthal

    Charles - please tell me you have a picture from your days roaming Europe. How cool!!!

  • 3. Re: Who are you?
    Kei Tsuda

    1. I live in Massachusetts but I am originally from Japan

    2. When I was a field SE, I specialized in enterprise SAN planning and design. Now, I'm more of a generalist, trying to keep up with expanding EMC product portfolio

    3. My post-graduate thesis was on computational magnetohydrodynamics... said another way 'space geek!'

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    Magneto-what? Can't pronounce that word. Sounds interesting. What is is like adapting to a new environment and spearheading activities in the training offerings group for EMC?


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    Evan Burleigh

    1. I am from the south Shore of Boston, MA and have lived there my whole life. I am with Education Services and work within the associate program to learn the ropes. I work in the Franklin office.


    2. Have worked with IP and windows server environments my whole life, but now i am learning everything there is to know about SAN. the latest project i worked on was PowerPath.


    3. I love anything Disney, disney wold, movies, pretty much anything. Guess i'm still a kid at heart  :-)

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    Gina Rosenthal

    Cool! I used to be a sys admin for the Computational Facility at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Maybe you can explain this to me  in plain English!!

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    Hi everyone, I live in Rhode Island and work in Franklin.  Gotta love it, only 12 minutes away!  I really do get the best of both worlds.


    I don't hold a technical certification, but I do have a Master's Degree from SUNY and a certificate in Online Teaching from UCLA. My job involves a great deal of writing and editing, for websites, articles, and collateral.  And, I also get to work with our EMC Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing authors throughout the year to ensure that their articles are scheduled, posted and the very best they can be!


    One thing that most people don't know about me....hmmmmmm.  I was once the soloist in a ballet performance.  Nothing major, just a dance recital when I was about 10 years old.  But I remember that feeling of standing in front of a crowd, the music starting, forgetting my first step, and then just letting go of thought and dancing.

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    Nada Wheelock

    Greetings!  I live in Washington - working on global EMC projects.


    I have an MBA from Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business.  I passed the Series 6 and 63 license exam (from my days in finnacial services marketing at Fidelity Investments).  I am part of the EMC Global Services Marketing organization and support Education Services.


    I am the Launch Manager for the EMC Proven Professional Online Community and am managing the internal and external communication plan for the Information Storage and Management book launch.


    Did you know...  I launched the 529 College Plans and Active Trader Wesbite while at Fidelity. I love to travel and had the pleasure of exploring Fiji, New Zealand and Australia with my family last year.

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    Ballet, musicals, orchestra....we could start an in-house production.


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    Hi everyone and first Happy new year.


    I live in France and I work in content management environment.

    First, I'm a system administrator and I begin to pass certification with the Cisco one. I discover EMC certs with Content Management and I'm currently passing the different certs (E20-120 for the moment and I prepare E20-465 for the next week).



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    Merci pour l'information et bon chance. !!  



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    Greetings - I am located in the EMC office at 55 Constitution Boulevard, Franklin, Massachusetts USA.

    Have had technical skills in ControlCenter, Symmetrix, and CLARiiON, but my current work has shifted more toward:

    • ITIL (Service Manager V2  and Expert V3 certified)
    • Business solutions -- combining consultatitive skills and EMC storage solutions.

    Have worked on and will further delve into Storage Information and Infrastructure, Infra,SMARTS and EMC ITIL solutions.


    What don't people know about me? Not sure!

    I sing and was also in high school musicals (hey Gina) and was a French Studies major in college, spending one year as a university student in Paris at the Sorbonne and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques ("Sciences-Po") - Salut, Yulien!

  • 13. Re: Who are you?
    Joshua Abrams

    1.  I'm in Massachusetts


    2.  I'm not a technical person so I'll list my strengths as marketing and communications.


    3.  News and sports anchor for the "Crazy Morning Crew" on Z-89 (WJPZ-FM) in Syracuse, NY back in the day.

  • 14. Re: Who are you?
    Ashish Srivastava

    Great Initiative!!!


    Not sure if it is only for EMC employees


    Well... My name is Ashish Srivastava.


    1. I am from India and have worked in US, Australia and India. Have been to countries like Singapore and New Zealand as well.
    2. I am Senior Documentum Consultant, worked on assignments in the capacity of architect, developer, administrator and Consultant as well. I am trying to understand various enterprise wide systems apart from ECM like Identity Management etc and how it can be integrated with ECM systems, managing a team of 10 enthusiastic computer minds. Worked on other Knowledge management systems like Lotus Notes
    3. One thing most people don't know about you - I love visiting new places, love playing Guitar(not very well versed) and writing poetries( I guess I have mentioned more than one thing )

    Kind Regards,
    Ashish Srivastava


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