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Help define our online content!

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With the ever-increasing amount of information on the Internet, it’s crucial that you access the right information at the right time – and in the format you prefer. We are rethinking our solution content, the kind of content you search for online to see, if our solutions fit your requirements. This may include online videos, white papers, online assessment tools, demos, etc. 

Rather than debate amongst ourselves what you want to hear more about and how, we are asking you to help define the content and maybe even co-create it with us. Tell us:


  • Which topics are your priority?
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Flash Storage
    • Other..
  • What information do you want to see in that content?
  • Type of content
    • Video
    • Assessment Tool
    • White Paper
    • Other...


Please vote, if you like this idea and leave a comment or even create your own idea on new content you would like to see and have people vote on it.


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