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Marking Threads As Answered or Provide the Solution

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I am thinking about an automatic message send to the email of the discussion starter or the discussion owner after a specific period of time since the discussion has been started, to notify him if the problem has been solved or not. I can see a lot of threads that ended with no responses and dont know if those recommendations offered to solve the problem has worked or not, or may be solved by another method the owner implement it. Also we can see when someone had the same issue, he replied to that old un-responded thread asking that he had the same issue and how this has been solved. Simply, by sending an automatic message to the discussion owner after that period of time (may be three or four weeks), to notify him about that discussion thread and ask him to mark the correct answer if there any , or add the way he solved the problem with if he solved it with another way. This will enrich the community threads with more useful discussions and with different solutions, and of course more points will be counted . By time this will be the trend for every discussion to find the correct solution.


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