The DPA datamine database is growing too large for the database server.


Data Protection Advisor (DPA) all versions




The Data Protection Advisor (DPA) datamine database is very large and continues to grow quickly.

The monitoring for the back up application hosts appears to generate a large amount of the data leading to the database size and growth.


The DPA datamine database holds the data for monitored resources, like backup jobs.  This data can become very large over time and in environments where there are a large number of backup servers, clients and jobs.  The size and growth of the database can be overwhelming to an existing database server if it has not been designed for such a large database.




There are various ways that one can deal with a performance issue such as this.


One being that the database server can be resized to handle the amount of data and size of database that will be generated over time.


A more common resolution is to do database maintenance and look to remove older data that is no longer needed for reporting purposes.


Data Protection Advisor (DPA) provides a facility for doing this sort of database maintenance automatically.  The DPA configuration for doing this is Database Maintenance Plans.  The Database Maintenance Plan can be configured to expire and delete data based on age, groups and types of data.  Multiple plans can be configured.  Also plans can be assigned only to certain nodes.  This flexibility allows different maintenance for different categories of data or data from different areas of the environment.


Details on configuring Database Maintenance Plans can be found in the in the DPA GUI/Console Help guide, under the section titled Implementing a Database Maintenance Plan, and also in the DPA 5.7 Product Guide under the section Database Maintenance (this can be found in the DPA Administration Guide in versions prior to DPA 5.7).