xCelerator Trip Management Sample Application (TripPlanner)

Both xCelerators "TripPlanner" and "PDF Form Reader" won the xCP xCelerator Challenge, in the categories Sample application and xCelerator asset. Thank to all of you who gave us your support and your vote!


The Trip Management Sample Application xCelerator "TripPlanner" can be downloaded from this page. This xCelerator was built for EMC-Documentum v6.6.



The Trip Management sample application "TripPlanner" illustrates the benefits of xCP to easily implement a business process that exists in every organization: the management of travel requests.


The memo generated by our application is readable on any smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Androïd,...) and integrates useful information such as iCalendar invitations, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook posts, etc.


Why a Trip Management sample application?


For a CEO or a CFO, Business travel expenses are one of the controllable costs and any reduction can lead to a better profitability. Therefore, Companies are always looking for some new ways to reduce their travel costs while increasing the quality of service at the same time.

During the last decades, travel costs reduction has often been achieved with new Corporate travel policies and negotiation with third party travel agencies.   Organizations are now looking for solutions that improve their business process and offer a better service to their employees.


TripPlanner Overview


"TripPlanner" is a new way to reduce travel costs by cutting the time required by an employee to manage his travel requests as well as to prepare his business trip. Every step has been designed to simplify employee’s life and improve efficiency :

  • The request can be easily fulfilled - both paper & electronic version (HTTP and PDF Form) are available ;
  • The request is pre-analyzed: long distance and/or extended trips are  sent to an approval workflow depending on the dinstance (automatically calculated by an integration with GoogleMaps). If necessary, a Manager can validate the trip request by a web application;
  • Once the request has been validated and the booking done, the user receives by email:
    • E-mail Body:  Memo with all information needed step by step - reservation numbers, vouchers, maps, etc.
      This email includes a pre-generated link to publish automatically the travel on the employee’s personal social networks (facebook, twitter)
    • Attachment: a PDFversion of the Memo (with detailed itineraries and maps) as well as all iCalendar invitations (train, plane)
      This email has been carefully generated to be readable on any device: laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, other SmartPhone, ….


The new version (v2) of TripPlanner includes two dashboards designed to improve Manager’s life and optimize their time. Thanks to the BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), a strong focus can be made on the reporting functionalities. With a simple web access, a Manager is now able to follow the up-to-date travel planning and access to some useful reports.


The "TripPlanner" application uses many standard Activity Templates provaided with Documentum Process Builder and xCP: Email, HTTP  and DQL inbounds, XSL Transformation, SMTP, iCalendar events, etc

In addition, "TripPlanner" follows the xCP philosophy and its technical design combines several xCelerators from the Community :


The technology used by "TripPlanner" application to read PDF Forms has been integrated in another xCelerator called "PDF Form Reader". You can download “PDF Form Reader” xCelerator through the community page https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-9863. This xCelerator is designed to get information from an Adobe PDF Forms in order to use it as process variables or metadata of the process package.


The solution also uses reusable design patterns from application developed by euroscript (Google APIs, PDF merging). Such a solution can be very easily deployed to any company in few days. The global process is adaptable to every organization’s travel policies by simple configuration.


Demonstration video



To see this video on EDN: please follow this link.

This demonstration video is also available on YouTube: part1 part2



  • End-to-end sample application
  • Multi-channel customer communication: paper & electronic with strong focus on smartphone compatibility
  • Dynamic document generation
  • Integration with GoogleMaps API, FOP, iText
  • Reuse of xCelerators: xDQL, Deep Export, Generate Unique Number
  • Integration with EMC Captiva
  • Integration with Process Reporting Services (BAM Report)



The target users are:

  • xCP Designers
  • xCP Business Analysts
  • xCP Developers


Downloadable content


Marketing Materials

Trip Management Sample Application xCelerator including :

  • Logo of the application (tif and png)
  • Trip memo (PDF format, with voucher) generated by TripPlanner
  • Trip memo (HTML format, sent by email with PDF and iCal reminders)
  • Screenshots of a Trip memo (HTML and PDF format)
  • Application form for business trip (PDF form)

TripPlanner installation package:

  • Installation DAR files
  • Branded TripPlanner web application
  • Jar files (mailapi.jar and smtp.jar)
  • Captiva installation files

Source code of the different modules:

  • TripPlanner_Eclipse_src.zip: Eclipse project and Java source code of custom BOF modules
  • TripPlanner_Captiva_src.zip: Captiva configuration and sample forms
Installation and User GuideInstallation Guide & User Guide v2.0
euroscript TripPlanner PresentationTripPlanner Presentation v2.0





Scan Plus User Interface

Scan Plus User Interface




TaskSpace preprocessing

TaskSpace branded application - One of the configured tasks lists




TaskSpace preprocessing detail

TaskSpace branded application - Task detail, with the Pdf form request




TaskSpace reservation

TaskSpace branded application - "Organization of the trip" is the main task of the process.

The assistante can organize each step of the trip and input the information which will be presented in the Trip memo (ie: flight departure time, airport terminal, train number, booking reference, hotel name, etc) and vouchers.




HTML memo Las Vegas

Trip memos (HTML format), which is sent by email.

The traveler can use links to his personal social networks (facebook, twitter), and display Google maps for each step of his trip.




iPad HTML Memo

The HTML memo via iPad




iCalendar invitation

iCalendar invitation




PDF memo (dual pages)

The PDF format of the trip memo contains more informations: detailled itineraries, maps, and vouchers (for hotels, car rentals, etc)




Google Maps

Google maps embedded in the PDF Memo.




Facebook contribution

Facebook contribution.




Twitter contribution

Twitter contribution.




Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring




Process TripPlanner

Process diagram (1/3)




Process Processing_Trip_Request

Process diagram (2/3)




Process Send_Trip_Memo

Process diagram (3/3)




Support information


The Trip Management Sample Application xCelerator “TripPlanner” is not supported by EMC. It is supported by euroscript International (www.euroscript.com). Please feel free to contact us for any question:



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