How to reduce export entry length by using local netgroup file








If you receive a "E000193: Error the server in slot(5) has an export entry that is (2435 /nas/server/slot_5/export) characters in length. This exceeds 2048 characters in length, which exceeds the allowed limits. Check emc247995 for additional information." and you already used a hosts name instead of FQDN or host IP addresses, how can you fix this issue?




You can reduce export entry length by using local netgroup file. Here is an example:


1. create a netgroup.txt file


#more netgruop.txt
allgroup grp1 grp2
grp1 (scooby,,) (snowball,,) (snowball,,)
grp2 (godzilla,,) (nsg8,,)



Please check Configuring EMC Celerra Naming Services (P/N 300-004-172) document chapter Create or edit a netgroup file” for more detail information.




2. Put netgroup.txt to the Data Mover:

server_file server_x -put netgroup.txt netgroup



3. Update export entry with netgroup name:


server_export server_2 -P nfs -o root=allgroup,access=allgroup /test