How to rename PowerPath devices



AX series

CX series

CX3 series

CX4 series

PowerPath v5.3 or later




After the replacement of HBA or SP, or something like that, we might found that the old device names can not be used. For certain reason, we have to rename the newly found devices to the old one.




The emcpadm command can be used to rename pseudo devices. This command is only available on Solaris  and Linux and AIX since PowerPath 5.3 for AIX.


The emcpadm commands can be used to list available PowerPath pseudo device names, list used PowerPath pseudo device names, or rename a PowerPath pseudo device from a used pseudo device name to an available pseudo device name.



Follow these steps:


1.   List the PowerPath pseudo device names in use:

#emcpadm getusedpseudos


2.   List the next five free PowerPath pseudo device names, for example, beginning at the device named emcpower20:

#emcpadm getfreepseudos -n 5 -b 20


3.   Rename the emcpower7 device to emcpower20 for example. Note that you use the instance number, not the pseudo device name:
#emcpadm renamepseudo -s 7 -t 20


4.   List the used pseudo devices names. Note that emcpower20 has replaced emcpower7 in the output:.

  #emcpadm getusedpseudos


5.  View the powermt display for the emcpower20 device:

  #powermt display dev=20


6.  Update the powermt.custom file with the new pseudo device mappings:

#powermt save