Pool close to or exceeds quota







These alerts indicate that one or more pools have almost reached or exceeded their pool capacity quota.  The pool capacity is virtual capacity and is not related to the physical capacity of a Centera. Reaching a pool capacity quota generates an alert but it does not stop an application from writing to the affected pool(s).


There are three alerts, each with its own symptom code:

  • A pool has reached 80% of its available quota. (Warning)

  • A pool has reached 90% of its available quota. (Error)

  • A pool has reached 100% of its available quota. (Critical)




EMC Customer Support Center has been notified of the problem but a case will not be opened.


  1. Launch the CLI and connect to the relevant cluster.

  2. Modify the alert quota of a pool using the update pool access <name> command.

  3. Enter a new size for the pool quota alert, for example:

Config# update pool access Legal

Pool Name [Legal]:

Pool Mask [rdqeDcw]:

Pool Quota Alert [1 GB]: 400 GB

Pool Quota Hard Stop [infinite]: 600 GB

Issue the command?

(yes, no) [no]: Y


If you enter -1, the pool quota is set to infinite. (This displays as --).


For more information see: