The xCP xCelerator Challenge - Getting Started

xCP xCelerator Challenge

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What is the xCP xCelerator Challenge?

The xCP xCelerator Challenge is a contest that invites EMC Documentum customers, partners, and employees to submit working xCelerators to the xCP 1.x xCelerators, a library of xCelerators contributed by the xCP community. The entries will be judged by the community and a panel of experts, and winners will share a $50,000 prize pool.

What Is An xCelerator?

An xCP xCelerator Home Page is one or more assets that can be used to accelerate the creation, adoption, and/or implementation of an xCP solution. An xCelerator is not necessarily a complete, running application; instead, it is intended to hasten application development by providing key pieces of functionality.

What Types of xCelerators are Eligible for the Challenge?

For this Challenge, we're looking for executable (working) sample applications or single-purpose xCelerator assets. See the xCP xCelerator Challenge Judging Criteria for a complete description of the contest categories.

Who Can Enter?

The Challenge is open to all Documentum customers, partners, and employees.

What are the Prizes?

One cash prize will be awarded in each of the following categories:

  • Best Sample Application: $20,000
  • Best xCelerator Asset: $10,000
  • Best Employee Entry: $10,000


Plus, each of the three winning teams will receive one conference pass plus expenses to participate in an expert panel at the next EMC World, May 2011 in Las Vegas (total of 3 passes).


Total: $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Sounds Great! How Do I Enter?

SeeHow, What, and When to Submit your xCelerator

When is final submission deadline?

February 28, 2011 NEW!

When will finalists be chosen?

Mid-March 2011

When will winners be announced?

April, 2011

I've Already Submitted an xCelerator to the xChange. Is it Eligible?

Yes. But look at the xCP xCelerator Challenge Judging Criteria to see if your existing xCelerator fits the bill. If not, you may want to supplement your entry with some additional presentation material or documentation.

How Do I Set Up a Development Environment to Build My xCelerator?

You have two choices. Contest participants can take advantage of an A Hosted Environment for xCelerator Contestants - no software to download and install! Or, if you have a Powerlink account, you can Download Documentum xCP 1.x Developer Edition.