How to connect to a Clariiion through PPP Connection

Product :


Clariion CX and AX family


Description :


Connecting to a Clariion CX series or AX series system through PPP connection is always helpful during troubleshooting a Storage processor (SP) booting issue or during the installation / upgrade process. Following is the procedue to connect the service laptop to a Clarrion system through PPP connection.


Resolution :


The service laptop can be any computer with Windows 2000 (SP3 or SP4) OS, Java Runtime Environment and Navisphere Manager User Interface (UI).


NOTE:  The service laptop COM port modem type must be set to Dial-Up Networking Serial Cable between 2 PCs.  This is the most flexible modem type, and allows either a NULL modem cable or actual modem to connect to the laptop and SP.


Instructions for setting up Dial-Up Networking between 2 PCs follow below. If the laptop uses a physical modem, configure the modem for the line characteristics of the SP, as follows:


Line CharactersticSettings
Data Bits8
Stop bits1
Baud Rate115200 baud or highest laptop reliably connect


Setting Up the Dial-Up PPP Support:


If Communication cable between two computers is not installed and set up, install it and set it up as follows:


a) Follow the path Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Phone and Modem Options.

b) If your laptop has a modem, then under the Modems tab, note below which port your current modem is using and click Add.

c) Select Don't Detect my Modem; I will select it from a list and click Next.

d) In the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard dialog box that appears, select under the Manufacturers column.

e) Under the Models column, select Communication cable between two computers and click Next.

f)  Under the list On which ports do you want to install it?, click Selected Ports and highlight a port which is not used by the installed modem NOTE:  The default is COM 1.

g) Click Next and on the next screen, click Finish. Then Click OK.


Set Up Dial-Up Networking:


a) Follow the path:  Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Network and Dial Up Connections --> Make New Connection.

b) When the Network Connection Wizard starts, click Next to begin.

c) Click Connect directly to another computer and click Next.

d) Select Guest and click Next.

e) In the Select a Device pull-down menu, select Communications between two computers (COM 1) or select COM 2 if the cable is connected to COM 2.  Click Next.

f)  In the Connection Availability dialog box, select Create this connection: For all users and click Next.

g) In the Completing Network Connection Wizard dialog box, assign the connection a name (for example, CX700init) and click Finish.

h) In the Connect dialog box that appears (with the name you assigned to it), click Properties.

i)  Under the General tab in the Properties dialog box, click Configure.

j)  In the Modem Configuration dialog box, select 115200 bps from the Maximum Speed pull-down list.  Verify that the Enable hardware flow control is checked.

k) Click OK to close the dialog box. Then Click the Networking tab. PPP: Windows 95/98/NT 4/2000, Internet should appear in the Type of dial-up server I am calling list.

l) Click Settings.Then verify that Enable LCP extensions and Enable software compression are checked, then click OK.

m) Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties.

n) Select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.

o) Click Advanced.  Verify that Use IP header compression is checked.  Deselect Use default gateway on remote network.

p) Click OK three times to return to the Connect dialog box.

q) Click Cancel to close the Connect dialog box.  You will enter a username and password when you initialize the storage system.


The service laptop is ready to initialize a storage processor.


You can also refer emc29574 for additional reference.