Adhoc Case Tasks and Notes xCelerator


There are many needs for adhoc “offshoot” flows within case based applications.  There may be an overall process that manages the case as a whole, but case workers may need to raise an arbitrary number of issues, tasks, notes, and other concepts.  Each of these may or may not have a formal workflow associated with them.  This xCelerator includes a re-usable set of artifacts to provide generic approaches for this need with the idea that they will, most likely, be extended for specific use cases.


This document introduces 3 specific uses that leverage the exact same approach.  Later, suggestions for extensions are included.  It is important to understand that the names of these concepts and the resulting processes are nothing but examples chosen by the author.  However, they cover many typical use cases and should spark ideas on other ways to use these concepts.  For all 3 of these concepts, a persistent object is created and tracked within the case itself.

  • Note – This is a simple note object attached to a case.  It does not have any workflow tasks or a due date.
  • Task – This allows adhoc assignment of an individual to work on the task.  It, optionally, allows a due date which will automatically generate a reminder.
  • Issue – This acts exactly like a task but it is automatically assigned to the case owner to work on.




  • Uses separate objects related to the case to persist and route adhoc items
  • Allows due dates and reminders for each individual item
  • Allows an adhoc number of tasks to drive overall case flow
  • Supports the collaborative nature of many use-cases
  • Handle exceptions without having to know them at design time (avoid overcomplex case processes)
  • Built on version 6.6 but should work with 6.5 as long as you use Composer 6.6 to install



The target users are:

  • xCP Designers
  • xCP Developers