ECS: xDoctor reports Switch Connection Failure due to RSA key in known_hosts


   Article Number:     539969                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ECS Appliance Hardware Gen3 EX300





After switch replacement, you may see false switch connection failure detected by xdoctor due to old RSA key in /root/.ssh/known_hosts.   

sudo xdoctor --report --archive=2020-01-02_012917 -CEWxDoctor 4.8-57CKM00192700542 - ECS 3.3 Patch 1 - xDoctor Report (2020-01-02_012917) Filter:['CRITICAL', 'ERROR', 'WARNING'] ...Timestamp    = 2020-01-02_012917    Category = Environment    Source   = Switch    Severity = WARNING    Node     =    Message  = RAP073 - Switch Connection Failure detected. (RAP already reported)    Extra    = ['fox']    
node1:/opt/emc/xdoctor/archive/full_diagnosis/<xdoctor result folder> # grep -C2 fox data.xml    </vlt>  </switch>  <switch name="fox">    <error msg="RSA key in /root/.ssh/known_hosts"/>  </switch>--<node data="True" name="">  <switch backup_created="False" config_difference="False" name="hound.rack" previous_created="n/a"/>  <error msg="RSA key in /root/.ssh/known_hosts" switch="fox.rack"/></node>    






Old RSA key in the known_hosts file                                                           







  1.         Clear xdoctor cache     
      sudo xdoctor --clear   
$sudo xdoctor --clearYou are about to clear all xDoctor Cache files. Are you sure you want to proceed?  [No]: Yes2020-01-02 01:14:11,220: xDoctor_4.8-57 - INFO    : xDoctor Cache files successfully cleared.    
  1.         Clear RSA key     
      sudo ssh-keygen -R fox -f /root/.ssh/known_hosts   
# ssh-keygen -R fox -f /root/.ssh/known_hosts# Host fox found: line 16/root/.ssh/known_hosts updated.Original contents retained as /root/.ssh/known_hosts.old    
      sudo ssh-keygen -R fox.rack -f /root/.ssh/known_hosts   
# ssh-keygen -R fox.rack -f /root/.ssh/known_hosts# Host fox found: line 32/root/.ssh/known_hosts updated.Original contents retained as /root/.ssh/known_hosts.old    
  1.         Re-run xDoctor     
      sudo xdoctor