Deployment KB: How to collect the configuration file on Dell EMC Unity arrays after code level Unity OE 4.5


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This article explains how to collect the configuration file on Dell EMC Unity array after code level Unity OE 4.5, this file is very important for creating the As Built documents.   
    To collect the configurations on the array including all the IPs and security information.   
    Connect through SSH on the Unity.   

  •         Open a SSH tool (like PuTTy) and connect to Unity management IP.     
  •         Log in as the service user (i.e. username: ‘service’).      
  •         Run Command: svc_arrayconfig -s        
    •             This service script captures a snapshot of the configurations on the storage system. Return all data, including sensitive information like IP addresses. By default, this data is excluded from the XML capture.         
  •         Configuration File will be stored at: /EMC/backend/service/configuration_history/     
      Example of command:     
      11:31:05 service@Unity spa:~/user# svc_arrayconfig -s         
      Starting at Code 4.5 and higher, Unity Shell is locked down. Refer to article 527928 Dell EMC Unity: Shell lockdown on Unity OE 4.5 and above (User Correctable)     
      If you try to connect using WINSCP use SCP instead of SFTP as SFTP is not allowed anymore.     
      User-added image     
      This changes the shell behavior by disabling some actions/features, including changing directories with the cd builtin.     
      If you try to connect through WinSCP ,you will not be able to move through directories, and hence you will not be able to go to the location of the configuration files which is : /EMC/backend/service/configuration_history/     
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      You will have to copy the file from this location to the User Location "/home/service/user"     
      Example Command From Unity CLI :      
      service@Unity spa:~/user# cp /EMC/backend/service/configuration_history/20191120_215908_APM001XXXXX820_EMC-UEM-Telemetry.tar.gz /home/service/user     
      After that the Configuration file will appear in WINSCP and you can safely download it.