VPLEX: Distributed device hierarchy is missing extent


   Article Number:     540392                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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When viewing the component hierarchy for a distributed device, a device leg is missing an extent.   
    VPlexcli:/> show-use-hierarchy distributed-storage/distributed-devices/device_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00030_1     
      storage-view: Windows (cluster-1)     
        consistency-group: CG-CS-Test (synchronous)     
          virtual-volume: device_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00030_1_vol (1G, distributed @ cluster-1, running)     
            distributed-device: device_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00030_1 (1G, raid-1)     
              distributed-device-component: device_C2_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00015_1 (1G, raid-0, cluster-2)     
                extent: extent_C2_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00015_1 (1G)     
                  storage-volume: C2_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00015 (1G)     
                    logical-unit: VPD83T3:60060160xxxxxxxx56343574ffa5e811     
                      storage-array: EMC-CLARiiON-APM00xxxxxxxxx     
              distributed-device-component: extent_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00030_1 (1G, cluster-1)
                                                                                                                                                <-- The missing extent is expected here.   
              storage-volume: CLARiiON1234_LUN_00030 (1G)   
                logical-unit: VPD83T3:60060160xxxxxxxx815405d2daae811     
                    storage-array: EMC-CLARiiON-APM00xxxxxxxxx
    When the distributed device components are listed, one appears as an extent with a geometry of "slice".   
    VPlexcli:/> ll /distributed-storage/distributed-devices/device_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00030_1/distributed-device-components/     
      Name                                Cluster    Child  Fully   Operational  Health  Block   Block  Capacity  Geometry  Total     
      ----------------------------------  ---------  Slot   Logged  Status       State   Count   Size   --------  --------  FreeSpace     
      ----------------------------------  ---------  -----  ------  -----------  ------  ------  -----  --------  --------  ---------     
      device_C2_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00015_1  cluster-2  1      true    ok           ok      262144  4K     1G        raid-0    -     
      extent_CLARiiON1234_LUN_00030_1     cluster-1  0      true    ok           ok      262144  4K     1G        slice     - <-- N
ote the "Geometry" for this extent is listed as 'slice'.   






This issue may occur as a result of a extent migration on the volume, under rare circumstances. After the migration is complete, an R0 (RAID 0) device is missing on top of the extent in the component hierarchy.                                                           






The missing R0 device in the component hierarchy is a cosmetic issue. There will not be any noticeable impact on VPLEX operations from leaving the device in this state. However, if a resolution of this cosmetic issue is desired, please open a Service Request with VPLEX support and mention this article.    
    The resolution for this display issue is to use internal firmware commands to insert a new R0 device on top of the extent. This process will not cause any impact but should only be completed by technical support.   
    Permanent Fix:   
    As this is a cosmetic issue there is no permanent fix at this time.