XtremIO: Legacy ESRS-GW and Email configurations may be lost after XMS upgrade, XMS replacement(XMS FRU), or XMS recovery to/with version 6.3.0-62


   Article Number:     540533                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




XtremIO Family,XtremIO X1,XtremIO X2





With an XMS configured with legacy ESRS-GW or Email Call Home Notification configurations, the Call Home Notification configuration may be lost after XMS upgrade, XMS replacement, or XMS recovery to/with version 6.3.0-62.   
    Note: This issue is also applicable to a cluster software upgrade (NDU) which include an XMS upgrade.   
    Note: This issue does not affect to XMS versions earlier than 6.3.0-62.   
    Note: Connect-Home from the connected cluster is affected by this issue. However, Connect-In (remote access) to the connected clusters is not affected by this issue.   
    Note: This issue does not affect XMSes using the ESRS-VE Call Home Notification configuration. Therefore, this issue does not impact availability of the CloudIQ service for clusters connected to the affected XMS (as CloudIQ service on the XMS requires the ESRS-VE Call Home Notification configuration).   
    Note: This issue was seen in X1 and X2 clusters.   
    On an XMS affected by this issue:   

  1.         IMPORTANT - Connect-Home dialhomes alerts and configurartion files will not be sent from the XMS to CLM.     
      Therefore, SRs will not be triggered for all clusters connected to the affected XMS.   
  1.         The Call Home Notifications configuration after XMS upgrade, XMS replacement, or XMS recovery will not include the ConnectionType parameter setting (and possibly other settings related to the Call Home Notification configuration)     
  3.         Call Home Notifications can't be enabled (if disabled prior to the XMS upgrade). Attempting to do this will trigger an "XMS Completion Code: valid_config_required_to_enable_syr" error message     
      Example: Error message when attempting to enable Call Home Notifications on an affected XMS   
      xmcli (tech)> modify-syr-notifier enable*** XMS Completion Code: valid_config_required_to_enable_syr    
    This issue can be detected by running the show-syr-notifier XMCLI command after the XMS upgrade or XMS replacement.   
    Example: show-syr-notifier command output with incomplete Call Home Notification configuration settings   
    xmcli (admin)> show-syr-notifier   
      Enabled: FalseConfig-File-Frequency(Hours): 24ConnectEMC-Config: ----->Site Name:PSNT: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXAdvisory-Polling-Interval(Hours): 24ESRS-VE-Clusters-Connectivity-State:    
    Example: For comparison, show-syr-notifier command output with complete Call Home Notification configuration settings including the ConnectioType parameter (This example includes output for legacy ESRS-GW configuration).   
    xmcli (admin)> show-syr-notifier   
      Enabled: TrueFrequency (hours): 24ConnectEMC-Config: ----->ConnectionType: ESRS Gateway(Legacy)URL: https://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:443/incomingSite Name: XXXXXXXPSNT: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX    






On XMS upgrade, replacement, or recovery to/with version 6.3.0-62, the Call Home Notification configuration is not fully restored from the SYM module on the cluster. Due to an XMS software issue, restoration from the SYM module on the cluster is done incorrectly for some files tied to the ConnectEMC software module.   
    The ConnectEMC software module is powering the legacy ESRS-GW and Email Call Home Notifications configurations that are therefore affected by this issue.   
    Note: This issue doesn't affect the ESRS-VE Call Home Notification configuration as it is using the SRS REST API instead of the ConnectEMC software module.






XMS upgrade to version 6.3.0-62   
    XMS replacement with version 6.3.0-62






Important: It is strongly recommended to use the ESRS-VE Call Home Notification configuration that is powered by the ESRS-VE RESTful API. This will not only permanantly avoid the issue covered in this article, but also provide support for Massive File Transfer (MFT) and CloudIQ. For details on migrating to the ESRS-VE Call Home Notification configuration, refer to Dell EMC KB# 519311 (https://support.emc.com/kb/519311).   
    To workaround this issue, following an NDU or XMS replacement to an XMS that is using the legacy ESRS-GW or Email Call Home Notifications configurations, it is required to manually reconfigure Call Home Notification configuration on the XMS.   
    This workaround is part of the standard procedure for a cluster software upgrade (NDU) and XMS-only upgrade.   
    To proceed, review this article and contact EMC Global Tech Support when ready to execute this workaround on the XMS.